How to Realign NFL Divisions the Right Way

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How to Realign NFL Divisions the Right Way
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There is little question that the NFL is at the pinnacle of the sports world in the United States.

Millions of fans from all corners of the country watched their favorite teams this past weekend. Whether it was in person, at a local sports bar or from the comforts of their living rooms, football fans once again demonstrated an insatiable appetite for the sport that they love.

But what if I told you that the NFL is missing a golden opportunity to further tighten its vise-like grip on the hearts of America? How you ask?

By realigning teams to better reflect geographical proximity to other franchises.

For example, why are the Indianapolis Colts in the AFC "South" or the Dallas Cowboys in the NFC "East"? What if teams were realigned to the geographical divisions they truly belong with? By doing so, natural geographical rivalries could take place.

Yes, the status quo would be shaken to its core and some NFL purists may cry foul that historical rivalries, a la Cowboys/Redskins, may become a thing of the past—although not in all cases.

But if aligned more accurately, proximity-based divisions would create a more college football-like atmosphere in NFL stadiums across the league. If you've ever been inside an SEC stadium for a conference game, you know exactly what I'm referring to.

Mind you, some divisions are bound to be inherently wacky, due in large part to how few western teams there are compared to the majority of franchises located east of the Rockies.

Nevertheless, if the NFL were to adopt such sweeping changes, they would see their popularity rise to even greater heights.

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