Matt Cassel Trade May Cause Draft Chaos

Nick VCorrespondent IMarch 2, 2009

This year’s draft could be as crazy as ever. As we all know early on the Chiefs were a team speculated to be in the hunt for a QB. They were projected early to draft Matthew Stafford in the NFL draft when Sam Bradford was projected to come out as well. This has all rapidly changed however.

Scott Pioli, the former Patriots GM, moved to the Chiefs and traded a second round pick for his former team’s backup turned starter Matt Cassel. This trade removed Kansas City from any discussion of drafting a QB.

The other drama that has come out of this trade is with the Denver Broncos. The Broncos were reported to have been in talks with the Patriots trying to make a deal for Cassel. They were even willing to give up their first round pick No. 12 overall to get the Patriots backup.

These reports obviously made big headlines and enraged starting QB Jay Cutler. Cutler now wants out of Denver and is at odds end with new coach Josh McDaniels.

Naturally when teams heard of this news the trade offers started rolling in. One of the key suitors has been said to the Detroit Lions who currently hold the number one overall pick in the 2009 draft.

The Lions have cleared cap room already needed to get the pro bowl QB. They traded former starter John Kitna and have restructured Daunte Culpepper’s contract to make him easy to cut with not much guaranteed money.

Also a team with so many needs such as the Lions could desperately use a proven QB and use their picks to address their other huge holes.

If this is the case I am guessing the Lions trade the No. 20 overall pick not No. 1. This causes a huge slide for these top QBs such as Stafford and Sanchez.

San Fran could be in the discussion for one of these guys but Kurt Warner could possibly be heading their way. You would have to think Denver at No. 12 would be the first person to draft one of these players if they have no QB.

Houston is projected to draft Sanchez according to ESPN’s Todd McShay, but could easily pass on him due to other needs. Also Detroit would be drafting a different player with No. 1 overall selection which most likely would be one of the elite Offensive Lineman or LB Aaron Curry.

Other moves that change draft selections or options is the signing of TJ Houshmanzadeh by the Seahawks and the Giants signings of Rocky Bernard, Michael Boley, and Chris Canty. This makes the Giants look like big players in the draft to address the WR position and the Seahawks no longer have to look towards a wideout.

Also lets remember that there are also some big free agents left such as Ray Lewis, Marvin Harrison, Kurt Warner, Derrick Ward, Matt Birk, Mike Peterson, Leigh Bodden and more that could fill needs for teams. Not to mention player that are looking for trades such as Anquan Boldin, Julius Peppers, and possibly Donovan McNabb.

Overall this is one of the more interesting offseasons I can remember and there should only be more craziness to come. Who knows what will transpire with Cutler and the Broncos but a simple trade attempt could have a drastic affect on the rest of the league and the NFL draft.