Washington Nationals Force Bryce Harper and More Rookies to Wear Gymnast Outfits

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterSeptember 10, 2012

Photo Credit: USA Today
Photo Credit: USA Today

If you ever hoped to see Bryce Harper in a gymnast outfit, consider this your lucky day you wildly-specific dreamer. 

USA Today has a pair of magnificent photos that you can't unsee, no matter how much you try. Seeing Harper and his fellow rookies in leotards has a way of becoming part of your brain for eternity. 

As you can see, leotards aren't a good look for MLB players, even if one of them happens to be Bryce Harper. 

The man dominates everything from opposing pitchers to the English language. But we have to consider this one of the low points in his career. 

The USA Today report explains this was all part of the hazing ritual that the Washington Nationals implemented for their lowly young guns. 

Last year, the team decided the rookies needed to look like Smurfs for a bit, and we tend to agree with their sentiment on that. 

We now ask you, the fans, which is the more epic form of hazing? We have to give the Smurfs debacle the race by a hair. 

It's just that the king of hustle is having far too good a time in this leotard for us to think the hazing is even effective. Take a look at the photos and tell me Harper doesn't look like he would rock these things to the supermarket to pick up whatever groceries a Bro of his ilk purchases. 

Now, if they really wanted to haze the rookies, they would have had them perform a floor routine in these costumes. 

Nationals, the world awaits. 


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