Dallas Cowboys' Rookie Morris Claiborne Bought Parents Sweet Tricked-Out Ride

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Dallas Cowboys' Rookie Morris Claiborne Bought Parents Sweet Tricked-Out Ride
Photo Credit: Busted Coverage

If you are looking for something to buy Morris Claiborne's parents, don't go with a Dallas Cowboys-themed sports car. They already have one. 

In fact, they have a rather nice one, if you believe recent reports. 

Busted Coverage spotted this Dodge Charger (USA Today claims it's a Camaro...we welcome your thoughts), allegedly belonging to the proud parents of rookie cornerback and brand new millionaire Morris Claiborne. 

Update: Friday, September 7, 4:26 p.m. ET

Thanks to Twitter user Torrey Hill, we have decided the sick ride is a Dodge Challenger.

---End of update 

The site includes this quote from their source that spotted the sweet ride:

This is the car Mo Claiborne bought his parents when he signed with the Cowboys.  Mo is from Shreveport…so that should explain things.

Photo Credit: Busted Coverage

It has to belong to his parents, because there is nobody in the Dallas area that is this big a fan of a Cowboys rookie, let alone in Shreveport. 

If you happen to be bumping around that town and happen upon this car, say hello to the parents of a future NFL superstar. Not that this car will be all that difficult to miss. It's the most audacious display of fandom ever stuck on four wheels.

Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Let me continue by saying I am not a Cowboys fans. They rank up there with most sports teams on my list of franchise I love to loathe. However, I have to respect this paint job. 

Not sure why they stopped at having Claiborne's name and number on the back when they could have just painted a picture of the young man all over the hood. Hell, they should have just plunked a bobblehead of the athlete on the dashboard. 

I guess this comes later. 

It may look like a NASCAR stock car, but that's only because this particular vehicle is now sponsored by Morris Claiborne. 

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