Dallas Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones Allows Son-in-Law to Clean Glasses

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterSeptember 6, 2012

Let's be honest. We really shouldn't care so much about this. 

The world gathered around its TV sets for the opening of the NFL season with a game pitting the New York Giants against the heavily vilified Dallas Cowboys. 

Now, they may not be the Oakland Raiders, but there are some strong feelings about this franchise, especially by those who are not fans. 

Simply, America's Team is just that. The nation is filled with people who love them or love to hate them, and that goes double for their owner, Jerry Jones

That's precisely why this moment of lens cleaning has become so popular. Jones, a mega-rich owner who many loathe, gets his glasses cleaned. 

Despite early returns that this was some sorry assistant who was mandated to clean the royal spectacles, NESN and others report this is Jones' son-in-law, Shy Anderson. 

Sure, all of us clean our own glasses. Yes, Anderson here doesn't seem to wear any glasses, so the need to clean another's seems even more odd. 

And yes, this is another grand excuse to dislike Jones if you so choose. 

For me, I just see a hilarious example of a son-in-law doing pretty much anything to guarantee dear ol' dad is happy. 

Sons-in-law around the world realize there is nothing wrong with that. 

To be on the safe side, you may also want to send charitable donations Jones' way. The man can't seem to afford his own handkerchief. 


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