Chad Johnson May Have Tattooed Evelyn Lozada's Face onto His Leg

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterSeptember 4, 2012

Photo Credit: TMZ
Photo Credit: TMZ

The saddest sight in sports right now is Chad Johnson sitting on a chair wearing what looks to be an Evelyn Lozada tattoo on his right leg. 


TMZ reports the former NFL receiver, who is still looking for work after being cut from the Miami Dolphins, was seen sporting what may or may not be a permanent tattoo on his calf. 

Chad Johnson desperately wants to let Evelyn Lozada know he still cares about her ... so he went out and got an image of her FACE tattooed on his right leg with the name "Eve" underneath it.

Johnson posted the photo on his Twitter page today ... the image is his new profile pic featured at the top of his page. It's unclear if the tat is real ... or of the temporary variety. Sources tell us Chad got the work done this past weekend.

Oh dear. 

A quick jaunt to the former Mr. Chad Ochocinco's Facebook page reveals that yes, as of this writing his profile pick is this image. 

Gentlemen, women don't want candy, flowers or a tattoo of their face drawn poorly upon one's body. They would much rather enjoy a life where they don't have to suffer from domestic violence. 

Just a thought. 

The TMZ report issues that this tattoo (also now known as the saddest damn thing I have ever seen) isn't getting the reception the former end-zone dancer wanted. 

Funny, you would have thought some permanent ink would have cleared up all their issues immediately. I'm stunned. 

It seems Lozada is sticking by the divorce for which she filed and is simply not planning any kind of reunion with her longtime boo and now former husband. 

For those uninitiated, Johnson was arrested for allegedly headbutting Lozada during an argument last month. 

The reality-TV star quickly filed for divorce while it seems everything for Johnson continues to crumble around him, including his tattoo-decision-making abilities. 

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