Dodgers, Don't Fall Into Manny's Games

Mike KentSenior Writer IMarch 1, 2009

Dodgers, don't let Manny control you, You guys should control Manny Ramirez. He can't go anywhere else, he is stuck with you.

LA is going to be Manny's home whether he likes it or not. The Mets ownership does not want him. It does not look like the Yankees are interested in Manny after paying Teixeira, C.C., and A.J.

Manny is in the Dodgers hands, so they don't need to change the contract offer every day. Don't fall to the Monster!

Scott Boras is playing this very smart, no wonder he is considered the best agent in the baseball world. He is going to get Manny more money then anybody else would get close to getting him.

With this article, I wanted to go towards talking about the third year in the contract. Don't give it to Manny.

You don't want to have a washed up Manny Ramirez taking up space and lots of money. I personally think that the Dodgers are already offering Manny more than he deserves.

In 2008, $25 million is more than the Marlins team gets. And who knows if Manny is going to be washed-up for the second year? That would be a waste of $20 million!

And let's not mention the economic crisis.

And yes, I know all you Dodgers fans are going to remind me about Manny's great 2008 season and the way Manny took the Dodgers to the playoffs.

But there is no reason for the Dodgers to pay Manny that much money; they can get him for way cheaper.

I am not trying to take anything away from Manny. He is a great player and could be a good leader in the club house.

But I don't think he is really worth all that money. He is going to be a great player in 2009, and he is going to help the Dodgers win the West.

Good luck to the Dodgers.

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