6 Reasons Theo Epstein Was a Genius to Escape Beantown When He Did

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6 Reasons Theo Epstein Was a Genius to Escape Beantown When He Did
Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images
Go ahead and call Theo Epstein a coward, but don't call him stupid.

There's plenty of blame to go around for the current predicament the Boston Red Sox find themselves in nowadays. You can blame the owners, controversial manager Bobby Valentine or the players themselves.

Or, you could blame the man who is largely responsible for the team's problems, even if he did leave town nearly a year ago: Theo Epstein.

Not surprisingly, Dan Shaughnessy of The Boston Globe thinks Epstein deserves more blame for the state of the Red Sox than he's getting. He's basically gotten off scot-free compared to the owners, the manager and the players.

Shaughnessy thinks the team's owners are annoyed by the fact that Epstein has largely escaped blame for Boston's troubles, and he may not be wrong in assuming as much. Many of the fans who are wagging their fingers at the owners would probably be wagging their fingers at Epstein instead if he was still around.

But, he's not. Epstein is with the Chicago Cubs now, totally safe from the nightmare that is the Boston Red Sox.

For leaving when he did, he should give himself a pat on the back. Leaving when he did may have been cowardly, but it wasn't stupid.

In fact, it was very smart.

Here's why.


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