Kansas City Chiefs: What Else Can They Do in the Off-Season?

Jordan LanningCorrespondent IFebruary 28, 2009

Well, the Chiefs just stole Matt Cassel and Mike Vrabel. So, now that two of their biggest needs are filled, who do they draft?

Cassel solidifies the quarterback position for the Chiefs. He had an All-Pro team around him with the Patriots, but you can't look past his last seven games. Out of those seven he had five games with a quarterback rating over 103.

Mike Vrabel is a veteran linebacker that will improve the linebacker position for the Chiefs.

So, with all of that said, where should the Chiefs go with their third-overall pick? Here are a few possible scenarios:

The Chiefs could stay at No. 3 and draft another linebacker in Aaron Curry, from Wake Forest. Curry is arguably the best player in this year's draft; and he would play very well in the 4-3 or 3-4 defense. Vrabel only has a couple more good years left in him and Curry could, and most likely will, be able to become a star for the Chiefs defense.

Another possibility is that the Chiefs stay at three and get offensive tackle Eugene Monroe from Virginia. Monroe was good enough to keep Brandon Albert from being a tackle for the Cavaliers. Monroe is a terrific talent and there aren't any glaring weaknesses in his game.

The Chiefs could also trade down to accumulate more picks. With a lot of offensive tackles projected to go in the first round, the Chiefs could still pick up a very good tackle.

If the Chiefs trade down, they would most likely get a first-round pick, second-round pick, and maybe another pick. That would give them back the second-round pick they lost and possibly two more picks. The Chiefs could then get a tackle or just about whatever else they want, which is a lot.

There are also many players that could be traded for more picks. Offensive guard Brian Waters has expressed interest in leaving the Chiefs. Waters is 32 years old, so they could most likely only get a third or fourth-round pick.

Tony Gonzalez is also a player that may want to leave. He most likely will only get a third-round pick. He is also getting old, but he still has just as much talent as he did five years ago.

Larry Johnson definitely wants out of Kansas City. He still has a few years left in him, but with his massive contract they shouldn't get much in return for him.

I think this is the most excitement Kansas City fans have expressed since the Chiefs traded for Joe Montana. That in itself is good for General Manager Scott Pioli.

With the Chiefs' fan base coming back and all of these changes, all roads seem to lead to heaven for the Kansas City Chiefs.