Hurricane Isaac Forces Weatherman Jim Cantore to Tebow Amid Wild Wind

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Hurricane Isaac touched down on American shores with billowing winds that forced one weatherman to his knees, guaranteeing that at least one person in this country was still Tebowing. 

Damn you, Isaac!

This video (h/t Hot Clicks) features The Weather Channel's Jim Cantore in some pretty amazing wind.

He has to lean forward lest he be picked up and thrown into the air like Dorothy's Kansas house. As he continues to lean, he drops down into a pose the world affectionately knows as a Tebow, named after an athlete that neither starts nor is good. 

Reports issue winds have reached up to 80 miles per hour and the threat of devastating floods continue. Our thoughts go out to those who have to suffer through the torrential downpour. 

Which brings us to the second portion of this video we need to address, weathermen still reporting from live remotes in the most ridiculous circumstances. 

Really, do we still need educated weathermen out in devastating wind giving us a barely audible account of how windy it is. 

TV channels still report from the storm and choose the wettest and windiest locales to do this from. I get it—it's windy. Just stay safe, please. 

Find some shelter like a normal human being and give us a measured report on the latest from the current hurricane. We'll settle for a disclaimer like, "We would bring you a live look in from outside where winds are pretty gnarly right now, but that would be stupid. Back to you in the studio."

tl;dr: Tebowing still happens, and so does weathermen reporting amid wind. 

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