Madden 13: 5 Players We Are Excited to Play with This Year

Luke PetkacFeatured ColumnistAugust 27, 2012

There are going to be a few players in Madden 13 that are simply more fun to play with than others.

It's always been that way in football video games. Whether it's the immortal Bo Jackson in Tecmo Super Bowl or the elusive Michael Vick in today's Madden games, there are some players that everyone wants to try out. Here are a few players to be excited about in Madden 13.

Calvin Johnson

It's hard to imagine another player in the game that will be more fun to play with and less fun to play against. Calvin Johnson sports a 99 overall rating according to ESPN, making him the most dominant receiver in the game.

It's becoming obvious that Johnson will pretty much guarantee a catch anytime players throw within ten feet of him. Nothing will be more satisfying than throwing a Hail Mary up to a quadruple-covered Johnson and watching gleefully as he reaches up and catches it over four over-matched defenders.

Chris Johnson

In Madden, fast equals fun; and Chris Johnson is very fast.

Johnson will provide the usual entertainment of running by helpless defenders, but it will also be exciting to see how using backs like Johnson works now that Madden has implemented a new physics engine.

Johnson tends to explode off the line so fast that it's hard not to run straight into his own offensive lineman. According to, the Infinity Engine is intended to make it so that even this slight contact could cause a loss of balance or even a down.

It will be interesting to try it out and see if the new engine helps or hinders speedy runners like Johnson.

Michael Vick

Vick will get a permanent spot on this list until he's out of the league. No one is harder to defend in Madden than Michael Vick. It may not even be possible to defend him.

As always, Vick's speed forces defenses to play a quarterback spy almost every down. The player controlling Vick can then choose to either throw the ball for an easy completion or run it with Vick anyways (since he's always fast enough to outrun the spy).

It's completely unfair but incredibly fun to do. I'm sure this year will be no exception.

DeMarcus Ware

Ware's speed and pass-rushing ability should combine to make him perhaps the most dominant defensive force in Madden. The sheer fun of running up to an offensive lineman, mashing buttons like mad and watching Ware toss him aside like a rag doll will be unparalleled.

Troy Polamalu

It's entirely possible that the creators of Madden designed the "hit stick" specifically for Troy Polamalu.

When Polamalu hits a player, the encounter inevitably ends with either an injury, a fumble or both.

Add that to his sheer speed and uncanny ability to return interceptions for touchdowns (no defensive player can break more tackles than Polamalu) and it will be quite a ride playing as No. 43 this year.