Madden 13 Review: Breaking Down the Most Exciting Features of This Year's Game

Patrick ClarkeCorrespondent IAugust 28, 2012

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Football fans and video-game junkies everywhere are rejoicing, for Madden NFL 13 has arrived.

This year's edition will feature several noteworthy added features that are sure to earn some solid reviews from the experts. 

With the start of the NFL regular season right around the corner, let's see what steps Madden 13 took toward making football even funner to play. 

Here we break down the most exciting features of this year's game. 


Improved Physics

The brand-new Infinity Engine in Madden 13 adds a whole lot to this year's edition. Tackles and collisions never seem to defy reality. Instead, users experience realistic, exciting hits and movements that make for a much more entertaining gameplay experience. 

I know after playing last year's Madden that I felt like each game was getting more and more similar. I was catching on to the hits and the tackles and getting bored by standard gameplay. The new physics in this year's game promise to do away with the same old hits and bring users a plethora of new animations. 


New Uniform Details

For me, details are everything in an enjoyable sports video game. In Madden 13, the details are captured flawlessly, especially in the new Nike uniforms. From the jersey collar to the shine of the helmets, all 32 teams stand out thanks to their detailed gear.

The creators even went as far to make the different materials on the jerseys and pants distinguishable. If there is mesh on the jersey, users can see it. The same goes for the shimmering polyester threads.

When the players pop, so does the game. Madden 13 will be praised for a lot of things, but most will overlook the new uniform details, and that's a shame.


Enhanced Commentary

The addition of Jim Nantz and Phil Simms in the broadcast booth makes for a much more enjoyable experience in Madden 13. The CBS Sports tandem provides realistic background noise when you're playing against your friends, as well as relevant analysis when you're making your way through the regular season in dynasty mode. 

As someone who loves when sports video games attempt to come as close to real life as possible, Madden 13 really impressed me. Last year's edition seemed a bit repetitive, with the commentators often repeating themselves or saying the wrong things too often.  

Madden 13's presentation earns an A.

From Nantz and Simms in the booth, down to the pregame coin toss, this year's game feels much more realistic.


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