KTLA Sports Anchor Rebecca Hall Asks Vin Scully to Get His 'Expletive' Together

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KTLA Sports Anchor Rebecca Hall Asks Vin Scully to Get His 'Expletive' Together
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Vin Scully really needs a little motivation, because his career has been on cruise control for the last few decades. 

Of course, I kid. The magic man with the mic has been an inspiration to every person lucky enough to hear his sweet voice through the summer months. 

Being the greatest living play-by-play man in sports will do that. 

And, of course, KTLA sports reporter Rebecca Hall was kidding when she offered that, "Come on, Vin. Get your s**t together."

Here is the video (h/t Bob's Blitz) with the NSFW word plugged into the end as if this was a broadcast brought to you live from the Comedy Store. 

There is nothing for Hall to do but keep on reporting. Even the great Vin Scully makes mistakes, but he comes out better for it every time. 

"Get your stuff together. That's what I meant to say."

We know, Hall. We don't actually think you meant to drop bombs all over live TV in the hopes of roasting Los Angeles' favorite sports personality. 

Vin Scully is an L.A. icon never to be duplicated. That's what makes the passing years so bittersweet, every year a realization the end of his career is near. 

So we forgive you for your unintentional hilarity, because Vin Scully would want us to. 

Come on, Hall. Get your stuff together. 

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