Just What, Exactly, Is Manny Ramirez Doing?

Joe M.Correspondent IIFebruary 27, 2009

Last night Los Angeles Dodgers slugger Manny Ramirez rejected for the fourth time, an offer that his employer extended to him this off season. Two years for $45 million not too bad in the scheme of things considering this economy.

Last trading deadline, the enigma if there ever was one, Ramirez, forced his way off of of perennial contender Boston's roster by getting a trade to the West Coast where he proceeded to tear it up in hopes of a new contract this offseason that never came, or at least hasn't come yet, and shows no signs of coming.

Personally, I never count out the Yankees, but even this is getting a little too close to the start of the season when rosters are seemingly set and payrolls determined. It's a known fact that Ramirez doesn't like spring training, and many expect him to sit out until after it concludes and sign with a new team then, and for how much?

If the Giants or any other team wanted in, they would have done so by now. It's hard to believe that Ramirez is really scoffing at a contact that will not only pay him $22.5 million in this economy, but also considering the fact his voided final two years with Boston called for just $5 million less.

All this over $5 million? I'd like to know what Dodgers fans think of this circus.

What did Manny expect? The Dodgers were never going to give him a five-year, $125 million contact or whatever he wants, which he hasn't made clear. They made that clear with their opening offer, the same one they re-introduced earlier this week that was rejected. 

What he thinks he's worth he hasn't made known; rather, he just continues to reject proposal after proposal. By not communicating better with the Dodgers, he's not giving them an idea of what to expect or target. Eventually, the Dodgers are going to move on, as well they should. Then what will he do?

He's not going to get five years for $100 million, which I find surprising based on past precedent and success, but even the Dodgers and other teams have limits, I guess. A mystery team is simply not going to get desperate a few hours before Opening Day and throw four years and $100 million at him.

A friend of mine commented today that maybe Ramirez will just retire, and, you know what, I am starting to agree. Maybe it's what the enigma wanted all along.