Fantasy Football: Players Likely on the Waiver Wire You Need to Pick Up Now

Drew Copley@DrewatWTKRCorrespondent IIAugust 25, 2012

Fantasy Football: Players Likely on the Waiver Wire You Need to Pick Up Now

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    With fantasy football starting up within two weeks, it's about that time to either join a league as soon as possible, or begin the fine-tuning of the roster you've accumulated thus far.

    A great way to get to the top of your league is to pick up these players who may not have been picked up, are still readily available and are about to go off this season. It may be due to injuries to other players, or because they have been underestimated by flying low on the radar.

    These players may not still be available to add to your team, but for the average fantasy football player who may be in a very basic fantasy league, they will help give you a boost to your overall standings. They may perhaps give you the extra points you need to get that big win over your friend who you must destroy because if not, he'll be bragging about it for weeks.

Ronnie Brown, RB

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    We all remember him helping to perfect the Wildcat offense in Miami. He showed some flashes of his old self in Philadelphia but LeSean McCoy out-shined and got the handoffs.

    He now is in San Diego playing with the Chargers, as a backup to Ryan Mathews. But Mathews is out until Week 3 (possibly later) with a broken collarbone. So at the very least, you will be able to get solid points out of Brown in the first couple of matchups this season. But you never know, if he does well enough, he could start seeing the majority of the snaps.

    Brown is now the starter for the Chargers and has played well in his first game as the premier back. He only had 6 rushes for 16 yards against the Cowboys, but 4 receptions for 37 yards. Not only that, but he led all pass catchers in targets.

    The yards will add up, and he will give solid points.

Greg Olsen, TE

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    This year may be a big year for Olsen, but he is definitely low on the radar. He is under-looked because of the other great tight ends in the league (Gronkowski, Graham, Gates).

    But an interesting fact about Olsen is that he had 45 catches last year and 5 TD. This was because he had to share time with tight end Jeremy Shockey. Well not anymore since Shockey no longer plays for the team. Now Olsen will be the man to throw it to when Cam Newton gets in trouble and needs a security blanket.

    You should find him available in many leagues since tight ends are so looked over and the big name ones are already taken. Lookout for a huge season by this guy, and the many points that will follow.

Jake Locker, QB

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    Yes the Tennessee Titans just named him their starter. But it didn't make much sense because in his first preseason game, he went four of 11 for 21 yards while looking very sloppy. But his second game after being named the starter? 11 of 20 for 134 yards and two touchdowns.

    He is a great young talent that actually controls a pretty good offense. Chris Johnson will always have to keep the defense in the box which will do nothing but help Locker get his yardage on down-field throws.

    It doesn't hurt that Nate Washington is becoming a force as a receiver and rookie Kendall Wright is also starting to become a favorite target for Locker. He also faces the Colts and Jaguars defenses twice.

Jason Hanson, K

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    I know, I know. I really did put a kicker on this list. I wanted to cover a wide array of positions and I think kickers can be a fantasy football game changer. A kicker can add plenty of points to your team, especially depending on the offense they are a part of.

    Jason Hanson is 42 years old and has been in the league for 21 years. He might be a kicker on the board you will want to pick up. Last season he scored 126 points. A huge reason for this is because of the Lions superb offensive weapons.

    Whether it's Matt Stafford throwing up to Calvin Johnson, Brandon Pettigrew catching a touchdown pass, or a run in by one of their shifty backs, Hanson will constantly be kicking the ball through the uprights for points. One other reminder, he plays in a dome so he doesn't have to worry about wind.

Cedric Benson, RB

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    You know Cedric Benson. He used to play for the Cincinnati Bengals. He was actually a workhorse for them the past few seasons.

    But he goes from one good team, to an even better one. He's a Packer now after the Packers decided not to re-sign their former running back Ryan Grant.

    The other running back for the Packers battling for the starting spot with Benson is James Starks. He is dealing with a major turf toe injury that could keep him sidelined in such a way that he may not even make the final roster.

    Benson is doing a great job of convincing the team he needs to be the starter because in their preseason game against his former team, he came in during the second series and played through the half. He had six carries for 38 yards. Green Bay may not have the greatest rushing attack, but they always have to keep the defense honest.

Rod Streater, WR

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    Streater might be one of the most unheard of players on this list. The Raiders have a veteran quarterback in Carson Palmer and they have great wide receivers. But they are all dealing with injuries. Denarius Moore, Jacoby Ford and Darrius Heyward-Bey have all been sidelined recently.

    He's accumulated 109 yards while catching 13 passes this preseason so far. He was the leading receiver two games in a row and he will get another chance in his next preseason game as he will be starting.

    Having Darren McFadden as a dominant running back on the same offense doesn't hurt either. I think it will be an interesting season for Streater if he and Carson Palmer get on the same page.