Colts Owner Jim Irsay Hints At Blockbuster Trade on Twitter

Ian HanfordFeatured ColumnistAugust 23, 2012

Jim Irsay and the Indianapolis Colts are headed in a new direction with Andrew Luck at the helm, but he's going to need some help if he wants to return the Colts to an AFC powerhouse.

According to Irsay's Twitter on Thursday night, that help may be coming in a big way and sooner than you think:

SERIOUS TRADE WINDS Swirling! We're talking given up high pick for SERIOUS Vet/Starter!.. these deals often crumble n don't reach completion

— Jim Irsay (@JimIrsay) August 23, 2012


UPDATE: Thursday, August 23 at 11:29 p.m. ET by Ian Hanford

Contrary to what Colts fans would like to believe, the front office is not targeting a coveted offensive player.

According to reporter Gregg Rosenthal, the Colts are pursuing a cornerback to help their defense.

Rosenthal's report cites that CBS Sports' Jason La Canfora ruled out Dallas' Mike Jenkins and Baltimore's Cary Williams.

Later Rosenthal mentions that Miami corner Vontae Davis could be an option per Phil Richards of The Indianapolis Star.

Stay tuned as we continue to hash out Irsay's claims.


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He then followed his initial tweet with two more not-so-subtle hints:

Colts Fans..Your GM Mr Grigson isn't afraid to roll the dice n aggressively improve YOUR Indianapolis Colts..n my check book stands ready!

— Jim Irsay (@JimIrsay) August 23, 2012

9 times out of 10 these deals fizzle out like a faulty Roman Candle;any other info at this time is proprietary,must move behind the curtain!

— Jim Irsay (@JimIrsay) August 23, 2012

Have you processed that yet? Luck has looked excellent through two preseason games, and the Colts may be headed for a quick turnaround. Acquiring a talented veteran would expedite that process and could turn the Colts into a sneaky, eight-win team.

It all depends on who this mystery player is. Two names come to mind: Maurice Jones-Drew and Mike Wallace.

Jones-Drew recently announced that he is open to a trade, and he fits the bill as a "serious vet/starter," as Irsay said. Last year, he led the NFL with 1,606 yards rushing on 343 carries.

He is certainly a very serious name, but he wouldn't come without risk. He's a seven-year veteran, and running backs tend to have an expiration date.

You also have to consider that Jacksonville and Indianapolis both play in the AFC South. It's hard to believe that the Jaguars would sell their best player to a division rival, regardless of the price.

Then there's Wallace. The disgruntled Steelers wideout could definitely fit the bill, but is he a "serious vet"?

The fourth-year player doesn't necessarily exhibit the attributes of a seasoned veteran, but there's no doubt that he's talented. He had over 1,100 yards receiving last season to go with eight touchdowns.

His blinding, straight-line speed makes him one of the best vertical threats in the NFL today. Matching him with Luck in the Indy offense makes a lot of sense, especially considering the other receivers on the Colts' roster.

Luck has targets, but Wallace could stretch the field.

Maybe the Colts aren't thinking offense at all. Those two names are the first that pop into your head when you see Irsay's tweets, but the Colts were 2-14 last year for more reasons than their offense.

Their run defense was 29th in the NFL. Their pass defense was No. 15, but that wasn't nearly enough to stop the bleeding. Indianapolis gave up points early and often.

Adding talent to the defensive side of the ball would definitely help Luck indirectly. There is enough talent in the Colts' receiving corps to give him comfort. However, an improved defense is the real key to Indy's revival.

No matter what Irsay and the Colts brass are thinking, this is exciting stuff. Blockbuster trades are not commonplace in the NFL, and names like Jones-Drew and Wallace are rarely up for grabs.