New Orleans Saints Free Agency: Love Them Or Leave Them

Nola ChickCorrespondent IFebruary 27, 2009

The NFL’s version of “Speed Dating” is officially underway. A slew of free agents are on the market and there’s plenty of fresh meat up for grabs. But first, the Saints have got to decide whether to love the ones they’re with.

Love ‘Em

Jon Vilma, Linebacker: Vilma is among a handful of Saints we don’t want lurking around the free agency pool for more than a few hours. He was one of the best new additions to the Saints’ roster last season and now that his legal troubles are behind him, we predict nothing but good things from this defensive stud in the future.

Jahri Evans, Guard: Also up for grabs, but as a restricted free agent, is Jahri Evans. We’re thinking it’s a long shot any team would pay the $2.7 million tender or give up their first and third round draft picks for Evans.

Courtney Roby, Wide Receiver: He’s a speedy little whippersnapper, but he hasn’t really been given a chance to prove himself as an asset to the team. With that said, I wouldn’t mind keeping him around to see what he can do.

Troy Evans, Linebacker: He’s like the Bill Paxton of linebackers. Doesn’t really do anything to stand out, but doesn’t really offend either.

Leave 'Em

Martin Gramatica, Kicker: Do we really need a justification here? Didn’t think so.

Aaron Glenn, Cornerback: While it’s obvious we need some fresh legs at this position, we also need experience. But we need fresh legs that won’t get burned more than anything. So, buh-bye.

Josh Bullocks, Safety: We remember everything Josh and no, you don’t complete us. The Saints will do better filling this dude’s shoes with a rookie.

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