Roger Clemens' Disgraceful Comeback to Baseball and Timeline of Shame

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Roger Clemens' Disgraceful Comeback to Baseball and Timeline of Shame
Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images
Roger Clemens' comeback is an attempt to win the fans back.

Roger Clemens isn't just coming back to play baseball for the love of the game. His image has been damaged to a point that Clemens himself can't stand being associated with the likes of Mark McGwire and Barry Bonds over steroid allegations.

And if that's not enough, he's coming back with a big smile on his face like nothing ever happened.

This is almost identical to the situation of the old ex who's resurfacing in one's life in an attempt to show their former partner how much they've changed, and how it will be much different this time around.

The only problem is that baseball fans already dumped Roger despite his recent acquittal on perjury charges, and I think they're cool with where they're at and who they're talking to now.

Who needs Clemens? Stephen Strasburg is 15-5 and even struck out 10 batters last Tuesday night, and looking at his physique, he likely did it without the aid of HGH or another banned substance.

But Clemens and his supporters will be quick to say that the past is the past. Well, not so fast; (allegedly) cheating in baseball is one thing, but after (allegedly) lying about it, you're attempting to come back and play as if nothing happened?

Clemens has crossed the bridge from having the reputation of an alleged cheat, liar, etc., into the realm of a downright narcissist. He will have to face the fact that no one will see things the way he does, and although he feels like he's full of nothing but "change," the same Roger Clemens who still ignores the fans is about to get a huge reality check from the ex he's attempting to re-court.

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