Madden NFL 2013: Predicting the 5 Most Used Teams in Online Play

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Madden NFL 2013: Predicting the 5 Most Used Teams in Online Play

If you've found your way here, my only assumption is you're like me—a diehard fan of the Madden NFL franchise and get giddy at the thought of August 28th rolling around.

All around the country people like me, and I can only assume you, the reader, will be waiting in line the night of the 27th to grab our own copy when the game officially hits shelves at midnight. Then it's so long work and family responsibilities and hello to the bed sores I'll develop from not moving from in front of my TV for days on end.

And odds are good that most of you will immediately head for the online play. Whether it's to take on your friends or whoop up on some 14-year old from Austin, Texas, who needs to be put in his place, most Madden gamers will find themselves online at one point or another.

The question here is who will be the team you find yourself facing, or choosing, most often?

Thanks to advances in the game, there are no players like Michael Vick in 2004. You know, the animated guy who could run around behind the line of scrimmage for 15 minutes, elude every defender 45 times, then throw an 80-yard bomb with pinpoint accuracy while moving to his right.

But still, there will be teams with some clear advantages that online gamers will rush to pick before you get the chance.

Who will those teams be? Click ahead, fellow Maddenite (trademarked).

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