Brandon McCarthy's Wife Asks MLB If ExtenZe Is a PED in Hilarious Tweet

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterAugust 22, 2012

For MLB stars, it's better to be safe than sorry when it comes to PEDs. For Brandon McCarthy's wife, Amanda, it's even better to be hilarious. 

On the heels of another 50-game suspension hitting an MLB player, Amanda McCarthy did what she does very well, tweet some hilarity. 

Here is one question we are hoping MLB officials have the gall to actually answer.

Hey @mlb, extenze is offering a two week free trial that I want to get @bmccarthy32... That's cool with the PED rules, right?

— Amanda McCarthy (@Mrs_McCarthy32) August 22, 2012

We patient fans of hardball and comedy await the answer, and the reaction from her husband, right-handed pitcher of the Oakland A's. 

For those uninitiated, ExtenZe is a product that boasts male enhancement for, "desire, power, pleasure and performance" to one's overall sex life, via official website

While many were taking wise cracks at Bartolo Colon who was found to have elevated testosterone levels, McCarthy was able to invoke laughter without talking about that A's pitcher's tummy size

Instead, she takes a clever dig at her husband and we are all left to point and laugh. You can tell both have an amazing sense of humor. 

We encourage you follow this tweet artist, because she has more gems. 

Like this one that took place the minute her hubby left the house one day.

I may or may not have just 'Braveheart' yelled FREEDOM when my hurricane of a husband left for a roadtrip this morning.

— Amanda McCarthy (@Mrs_McCarthy32) August 22, 2012

We are also glad to see McCarthy is pretty much like every other married man.

Well Brandon is officially home; all the toilet seats are up, garbage was left in the living room and I woke up with no covers... Love

— Amanda McCarthy (@Mrs_McCarthy32) August 17, 2012

Let us all remember the real lesson in all this. It has nothing to do with PEDs or claims made by any pill company. It's far more simple than that.

True love is shaming your partner on Twitter. 

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