Fantasy Football: Draft Results from Bleacher Report Writers League

Professor BushCorrespondent IIIAugust 22, 2012

Fantasy Football: Draft Results from Bleacher Report Writers League

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    The Bleacher Report Writers League recently held the 2012 fantasy football draft using the Yahoo! platform. This article documents the draft results.

    It is important to note that a few of the managers were on Autopick based on their own rankings. The league is "touchdown heavy" compared to the default Yahoo! settings, since six points are awarded for touchdowns. The league uses Individual Defensive Players (IDPs).

    The Yahoo prediction algorithm has Andrew Gould finishing the regular season with a perfect 13-0 record and Professor Bush with an 11-2 record.

    We plan to follow up shortly with a second article where each participating manager will add their own commentary on their strategy and the result of the draft.

    We hope that you will find these draft results helpful in preparing for your own draft.

Rounds 1 Through 5

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     Round 1Round 2Round 3Round 4Round 5
    Patitucci Foster Peterson J. JonesHarvinBowe
    Bush Rice Jennings GreenGoreGates
    Tong McCoy Cruz MarshallColstonCutler
    Gould A.Rodgers Welker SprolesR. BushA. Brown
    Schmoll Ca. Johnson Richardson LynchMaclinDavis
    Stack Brees Murray A. JohnsonMartinD. Jackson
    Nathan Ch. Johnson Charles S. JacksonBryantLloyd
    Davenport Forte Graham F. JacksonBradshawV. Jackson
    Gold Brady Gronkowski WhiteTurnerGreen-Ellis
    Chambers Mathews JonesDrew WallaceSmithHernandez
    Hicks Fitzgerald Stafford NicksD. ThomasRidley
    Brioso Newton McFadden NelsonVickWells

    There really were not any big surprises in these early rounds. It just comes down to personal preferences on which positions to draft first. The three elite running backs, Arian Foster, Ray Rice and LeSean McCoy came off in the expected order. The top three elite quarterbacks did as well.

    It would seem that managers were not overly worried about injuries among running backs, either current ones, or those suffered last season. But Maurice Jones-Drew did drop considerably in light of his holdout.

    Odd rounds read down.  Even round read up.

Rounds 6 Through 10

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     Round 6Round 7Round 8Round 9Round 10
    Patitucci Romo Hillis CookD. WilliamsWoodson
    Bush Rivers T. Smith M. BushSchaubTillman
    Tong Ingram Gonzalez  AkersP. PetersonMcKelvin
    Gould S. Johnson Pettigrew  SpillersBrittGerhart
    Schmoll Griffin Ryan  HolmesThomasCarpenter
    Stack Stewart Witten  LeShoureR. WilliamsLuck
    Nathan Finley P. Manning  TateBlackmonYoung
    Davenport McGahee Roethlisberger  GarconFloydD. Jackson
    Gold Decker D. Brown  WayneK. SmithBoldin
    Chambers E. Manning Helu JanikowskiCampbellRaji
    Hicks Redman Davis  CrosbyWillisWebb
    Brioso Austin S. Greene  MeachemStarksBishop

    There was an early run on kickers here. A few managers got a head start on their IDPs.

    Odd rounds read down.  Even round read up.

    IDPs are underlined. Kickers are in red.

Rounds 11 Through 15

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     Round 11Round 12Round 13Round 14Round 15
    Patitucci Bowman M. Floyd J. RodgersKellerA. Smith
    Bush D. Wilson Fletcher GreshamGostowskiQuick
    Tong D. Moore Hillman L. RobinsonFleenerBradford
    Gould Laurinaitis Moss McCourtyR.JenningsPierre-Paul
    Schmoll Weddle Allen CelekArringtonMendenhall
    Stack Arenas Mundy LittleHallBlount
    Nathan Berry D.Johnson N.WashingtonFitzpatrickBranch
    Davenport L.Moore Dalton G. WilsonRudolphMcCarthy
    Gold Benson Amendola FlaccoLewisReed
    Chambers Rice Best M. WilliamsPalmerClark
    Hicks HeywardBay Crabtree FreemanTammeHightower
    Brioso Dansby Chancellor MossDanielsD.Washington

    This is where most of the IDPs started flying off the board, and managers took their best shot at offensive sleepers.

    Odd rounds read down.  Even round read up.

    IDPs are underlined. Kickers are in red.

Round 16

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      Round 16
    Patitucci Novak
    Bush  Harper
    Tong Nugent
    Gould Lindell
    Schmoll  Tebow
    Stack Vereen
    Nathan Bironas
    Davenport Gould
    Gold Hanson
     Chamber Rackers
     Hicks Kasay
     Brioso Bailey

    Most managers waited until this last round to pick up their kicker.

    Odd rounds read down. Even rounds read up.

    IDPs are underlined. Kickers are in red.