Colts vs. Steelers: What We Learned from Andrew Luck's 2nd Preseason Game

Connor Muldowney@@connormuldowneyCorrespondent IAugust 21, 2012

Colts vs. Steelers: What We Learned from Andrew Luck's 2nd Preseason Game

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    Andrew Luck seemed like a man amongst boys when playing in college. He dominated defenses and threw the ball with precision like an NFL veteran.

    He became the first overall draft choice in this year's NFL draft, being chosen by the rebuilding Indianapolis Colts. The Colts just let superstar quarterback Peyton Manning go to the Broncos in order to make room for the young Luck.

    People have been dying to see how Luck would perform on the field, and the preseason has been the first taste of the 22-year-old phenom from Stanford.

    This is what we learned from his second preseason game against Pittsburgh.

He's Tough

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    Indianapolis' coaching staff has been raving about the young quarterback's toughness and skill on the field, and that was showcased on Sunday night.

    Although he ran the ball just once on Sunday night, he ended up getting the score. He earned himself his first rushing touchdown of just a single yard, but a tough one at that.

    Even though this is just a preseason game, Luck showed that he is not afraid to go up against any defense, and Pittsburgh's defense is nothing to laugh at.

    Luck is tough; that's the first thing that we learned from his performance.

He Will Need Help

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    He is just a rookie, so there is no way he can lead this team back to the playoffs by himself. The quarterbacks don't especially have much game experience, but he will need Drew Stanton's veteran presence.

    Although Stanton has not started many games in his career with the Lions, he is the type of quarterback presence that Luck needs in order to learn what to do and what not to do.

    He will also need the help of linemen and other role players. He will have to rely on running backs like Ballard and Brown and receivers like Reggie Wayne and rookie tight end and former college teammate Coby Fleener.

    They will probably not make the playoffs this season, but with a little help from role players and future draft picks, Andrew Luck will lead this team back to greatness.

He's Human

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    He did have an impressive second preseason game, passing for 175 yards on 16 completions, but he also proved himself to be human.

    He was inhumanly talented at Stanford, and he was compared to some of the best college quarterbacks of all time. He was looked at on a different level than all of the other quarterbacks in the draft. He was the most NFL-ready out of all college athletes.

    Luck threw two interceptions in the matchup against the Steelers, something that showed everyone that he can make mistakes. Granted, college has a much slower pace than the NFL and interceptions will happen, but he just showed why he will have to fail some before he can succeed.

    He may end up being one of the best quarterbacks in recent history, but as for right now, he will have to overcome the adversity of being on a poor team that will take a few years to rebuild. He's only human, folks. Give him time.