Milwaukee Brewers News: Feb. 26

Right Field BleachersCorrespondent IFebruary 25, 2009

Today’s Game: Brewers 3, Athletics 3
Spring Training Record: 0-0-1

Today’s Game

The Brewers played their first Spring Training Game against the A’s today. The Brewers went down early after Jeff Suppan gave up a solo shot in the second. Corey Hart tied it up with his own solo shot in the 4th. Julio let two come in the 5th. Brad Nelson and Chris Duffy added RBI to tie the game up late and that’s how it ended.

—By the way, as someone who listened to most of the game, Cory Provous sounded really good. However, the best part of the broadcast had to have been when Uecker said “We wish everyone good luck to start this season…except Jim Powell.”

He then proceeded to talk about Powell for the rest of the inning. I think Ueck’s heart is a little broken…poor guy. But as I said, Provous sounds like a more-than-worthy successor and will only get better.

—Brewers play Cubs Thursday at 2:05 p.m. CT. Yovani Gallardo gets the "start."


Brewers News

Tony Gwynn Jr. might be out for a month. Ouch, this is a very important spring for Tony and his future in the Brewers organization. This is just bad news.

Brew City Sports says “When in Vegas, put down some fatty cash on the Brewers!”

My Team’s Rivals adds themselves to the list of people who believe the Brewers can’t go back to the playoffs.

Junkball Blues believes a modified rotation would maximize the Brewers winning potential. Instead of a normal five-man rotation, a four-man plus one swingman would be the rotation. The swingman would only be used when there are no off days, thus causing the four-man rotation to have the same amount of days in between no matter what. It’s an interesting idea, but it’s not going to happen.


Minor Leagues

In Appleton, the new T-Rats video board is going up. They are going to make so much money…

Here’s the projection on the Brevard County Manatees squad. Lots of good young names in there…


Other News

This is funny. So Yahoo Sports was doing a story on the return of Corey Koskie, but put a picture up of Gabe Gross. Great catch, Bucky Channel.