Evelyn Lozada: Choosing Divorce Pours More Salt into Chad Johnson's Wounds

Eric Ball@@BigLeagueEballFeatured ColumnistAugust 15, 2012

Photo via wjla.com
Photo via wjla.com

The past three days have been an absolute nightmare for Chad Johnson and Tuesday it got even worse.

His wife and VH1 reality star Evelyn Lozada decided to file for divorce, according to a representative of the Basketball Wives star (via New York Daily News).

The couple had been married for only 41 days, and planned to release a show on VH1 titled “Ev and Ocho” that was supposed to air this fall.

This comes after Johnson was cut by the Miami Dolphins on Sunday, which was a main talking point on this week’s episode of HBO’s Hard Knocks.

It’s been a career-killing week for Johnson ever since he was arrested on Saturday for allegedly head-butting Lozada during a dispute.  

In the span of three days he lost his current career (NFL), another current career that had a long-term future (reality TV) and his wife. Oh yeah, he also lost his credibility and dignity as well.

But is Johnson even guilty?

The 911 tape makes it sound like it was Lozada who first used physical force with Johnson, and he retaliated. While this obviously doesn’t give him a free pass, it puts into perspective how everything played out.

It didn’t seem like a humongous deal. In the tape the neighbor who made the call said it was a “little domestic dispute” and even requested that the 911 operator “not make a big scene about it.” So obviously he didn’t feel like Lozada was in grave danger.

Then you have to think about the violent history of Lozada. She has slapped and thrown glasses at multiple women on Basketball Wives, and comes off as a short-fused egomaniac who loves the spotlight.

Again, I’m not suggesting she is embellishing anything at all, but you have to take this into consideration.

Factor that with a squeaky clean record of Johnson since entering the NFL in 2001 and something doesn’t add up.

But none of that matters at this point.

Johnson is now dealing with the law, the public backlash of what happened, a broken heart and being unemployed. The 34-year-old is a reminder to every man in America that you will be severely (and swiftly) punished for using any sort of physical force on a female, regardless of your relationship.

Let this be a lesson to the rest of the NFL and athletes everywhere.

It will be very fascinating to see how Johnson emerges from this whole ordeal. Is this the end of Johnson in the public spotlight?