Fantasy Football 2012: 5 Receivers Who Won't Be Worth the Risk

Benjamin J. Block@BenjaminBlock21Correspondent IIAugust 14, 2012

Fantasy Football 2012: 5 Receivers Who Won't Be Worth the Risk

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    Football is right around the corner which means it's time for all you fantasy players get out your GM hat.

    The NFL preseason just got underway and it's time to start evaluating the talent for 2012.

    While football is one of the hardest sports to predict due to the weekly uncertainty that comes with being a NFL employee, I'm going to tell you what wide receivers are not worth the risk this season.

    Here's my list of wide receivers you should be wary of.

Andre Johnson: Riskiest WR on the Fantasy Market

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    A few years ago, you would never associate the word "risky" with Andre Johnson. Unfortunately, a few years is a lifetime in the NFL.

    Not only is Johnson coming off a season littered with leg injuries, but also he underwent arthroscopic knee surgery on his left knee in May and he's currently recovering from a groin injury at the start of this preseason.

    Yes, Johnson has been the face of the Texans franchise since he was drafted in 2003, and yes he has something to prove in 2012, but smart fantasy GM's will evaluate the 31-year-old Andre Johnson, not the Andre Johnson who used to be all-world. 

Second Riskiest WR Pick: Miles Austin

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    Fantasy players, don't be blinded by the sporadic flashy moves that Miles Austin possesses.  

    The worst thing a WR ever wants to hear is that his hamstring isn't cooperating, and for Austin, his hamstring has been a recurring problem.

    He's entering his seventh season and he's coming off a 2011 season where he missed six games with hamstring issues. 

    I predict that Austin is destined to spend some significant time on the sidelines in 2012 as his hamstring is already bothering him this preseason.

Third Riskiest WR: Brandon Marshall

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    Everyone seems to be in agreement that Brandon Marshall reuniting with Jay Cutler in Chicago is going to be a revelation.

    I wouldn't drink that Kool-Aid and smart fantasy players shouldn't either.

    Is Marshall an incredible specimen? Yes. Is his potential as high as a Larry Fitzgerald or a Calvin Johnson? Yes.

    Does he disappoint franchises and fans more than he excites them? Yes.

    This guy has publicly admitted to suffering from a personality disorder where he can't control his emotions or behavior and he has a rap sheet of violence against women.

    In my humble opinion, I would never have an unpredictable talent like Brandon Marshall on my team, fantasy or real life.

Fourth Riskiest WR: Percy Harvin

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    Percy Harvin is an electric yards-after-catch wide receiver and clearly the best offensive weapon the Vikings have, after Adrian Peterson.

    While he occasionally suffers from migraines, Harvin has been causing headaches in Minnesota this offseason.

    He's clearly out-played his current contract and he's succeeded at being a major distraction with the way he's handled his unhappiness.

    Production potential aside, I wouldn't risk having a 24-year-old whose prone to temper tantrums, on my fantasy team.

Fifth Riskiest WR: Dez Bryant

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    Most people are infatuated with the raw potential of Dez Bryant, but this kid is wasted talent and another huge risk that fantasy GMs need to stay away from.

    Fresh off an arrest for assaulting his own mother, Bryant continues to validate the fact that he is untrustworthy and immature. 

    Whatever versatility he brings to Tony Romo's offense in Dallas is negated due to the fact that he's incapable of being accountable.

    You can hold your breath that he'll put up numbers, but all the distractions surrounding Bryant will most likely overshadow his production. 

The Wrap-Up

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    There you have it, my five riskiest wide receivers for fantasy players to stay away from in 2012.  

    The common theme among all of them are either injuries or attitude problems, but either way I don't see any of them having the impact that they have the potential for.

    Take a look at ESPN's 2012 projections at WR and make your own judgment.

    Good luck this season.