Fantasy Baseball: 6 MLB-Ready Prospects to Prepare to Snatch Up

Stephen Brown@@the__ste (Double Underscore)Correspondent IIAugust 10, 2012

Fantasy Baseball: 6 MLB-Ready Prospects to Prepare to Snatch Up

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    Every year in fantasy sports, whether it be baseball, basketball, football, hockey, water polo or croquet, there are those timely pickups in the latter part of the season that can be the difference between hoisting a trophy and losing the championship by one offensive rebound. (Clearly this happened to me...)

    I remember vividly when I picked up Aaron Stecker in 2007 and slotted him into my running back position. In those last three games of the season he amassed 350 yards and four scores and easily cemented my championship crown.

    Baseball is a different animal than both basketball and football, yet you can still find those guys late in the season that can put you over the edge.

    Most high profile MLB ready prospects have been called up, yet there are still some prospects that can make an impact in September.

    Let us look at six players that can make that difference and make you remember in 2017 what you did in 2012. 

Manny Machado

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    Yes, Machado played his first game of the season for the Orioles on August 9 (at third base). The 20-year-old shortstop was the third overall pick in the 2010 draft and definitely shows that the Orioles are in it to win it (sounds like American Idol... shoot me). 

    Machado definitely has some skills and in a thin SS pool (especially with the way many mainstays are currently playing) you could do worse than Machado.

Wil Myers

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    For anyone who watched the Futures Game you undoubtedly heard Myers' name. I am surprised that Myers has not been called up, yet with the Royals where they are there is no immediate rush.

    I won't tout Myers anymore than most already have but what surprises me is his plate awareness and ability to feel comfortable in any situation.

    He should be gone in a dynasty league by this point.

Dylan Bundy

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    Although a long shot, if Machado was called up from Double-A, why can't the young Bundy be called up as well?

    Granted, Bundy was just promoted to Double-A and Orioles GM Dan Duquette said, "Let's not get ahead of ourselves".

    That being said, he is still an electric young talent. 

    Who knows if the Orioles will elect to bring him up, but if they do, be ready to pounce on the big righty.

Jurickson Profar

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    Yes, he does look like he is 14 years old, but Profar can certainly play.

    He is clearly stunted by Elvis Andrus yet has played some second base as well (stunted by Kinsler there too!).

    However, there is no reason that he should not be called up to play for the Rangers.

    "Through Sunday, he's batting .281 with a .357 on-base percentage and .464 slugging percentage. He's tallied seven triples, 13 homer runs, 23 doubles, 56 RBI and 66 runs scored. He has walked 51 times while striking out just 68 times in 416 at-bats," according to ESPN. 

    Will he be a fantasy beast with the promotion? No. But make sure you act quickly if anything happens to Andrus or Kinsler or if word comes out of another position for the top minor league prospect.

Billy Hamilton

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    Hamilton has made some electric strides along the base paths.

    I don't think I need to tell you about his speed (as that would really be the only asset he would bring to your fantasy team). So if you are in a roto league and in dire need for some steals...then Hamilton would be your guy.

    It makes no sense for the Reds NOT to bring up Hamilton especially when they are vying for the playoffs. I mean, to have Hamilton's speed on the bench as a pinch runner is a valuable asset and my money is on a September call-up for this young cheetah.

Gerrit Cole

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    Cole definitely needs further seasoning in the minors. However, the fact that the Pirates are still in contention at this point of the season is what makes his call-up seem likely.

    The number one overall pick, Cole is your big power arm that can definitely help the Pirates make the postseason. 

    He could be an excellent pickup for many teams looking for K's.