NY Mets: Reasons Why Not Trading Scott Hairston Was the Wrong Call

Amit BatraCorrespondent IIIAugust 6, 2012

NY Mets: Reasons Why Not Trading Scott Hairston Was the Wrong Call

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    Left fielder Scott Hairston has not been dealt by the New York Mets.  In a shocker, the Mets decided to keep Hairston after much speculation that the soon-to-be free agent would be shipped.

    Hairston has 14 home runs and 44 RBIs this season.  He is hitting .266 and has contributed 39 runs.

    However, in the last week, Hairston has been hitting .364 with eight hits, two homers, 5 RBIs and seven runs. 

    The Mets decided to hold the left fielder, who is making $1.1 million this season.  He was thought of as the best guy to ship elsewhere. 

    For Mets fans, this move comes as a surprise. New York didn't seem to do much at the deadline, especially by not dealing a guy who is of little to no future value.

    Even though the 32-year-old is having a career year with his 14 homers in 87 games, that's only three shy of his career high. 

    His little worth was of much attraction to teams trying to build through the outfield.  Hairston was an available option who the Mets didn't capitalize on. 

    Here are some reasons that not dealing Hairston was the wrong call for the Mets. 

No Future Worth

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    As stated earlier, Hairston is of little to no value for the future.  He could have been shipped at a valuable cost. He's a free agent at the end of the season.

    The 32-year-old has been productive as of late, but this is just a nice streak he has going.  The Mets should have dealt Hairston to get a guy built for the long-term. 

    Against left-handed pitchers, Hairston is quite productive.  At bat, pitchers have to respect the left fielder's power.

    That's not to say there weren't better options, however. 

Better Options

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    Look how much Philadelphia got for Shane Victorino.  Philadelphia was able to obtain reliever Josh Lindblom and a 2008 first round draft pick in Ethan Martin.

    Who knows if the Mets would have gotten into a similar situation.  However, New York should have explored the market.  The Mets continue to have woes in the bullpen.  With dealing Hairston, there could have been a solution. 

    Perhaps it wouldn't be as good as what Philly got for Victorino, but the Mets could have gotten someone of name value.  Teams look for guys who can be productive through hitting or building the team in the outfield at the deadline. 

    There's no point in holding him for a couple of months left in the season. 

Interest from the Tigers, but No Deal

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    According to RantSports, the Detroit Tigers were rumored to have interest in Hairston.  The trade ended up not happening, as the Mets saw enough out of the 32-year-old to keep him.

    The Tigers were interested in Hairston for his power as a right-handed batter.  To elaborate on a previous slide, the left fielder has been dominant against lefties this season, hitting .309 as of late July.

    With his 14 homers as well, there's no surprise that a team such as Detroit would have interest.  However, the Mets liked what they have seen out of Hairston in the past month. 

    The 32-year-old has also hit for the cycle in April against the Colorado Rockies.  He was the 10th Met to do so. 

    Manager Terry Collins has seen the unnoticed work of Hairston as of late and it showed with him remaining with the New York Mets. 

Nothing Gained

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    Nothing lost, nothing gained.  Hairston is a solid producer for the Mets, but was it worth not going for strength in the bullpen?

    Perhaps New York feels like this season is going downhill. The Nationals are likely going to win the National League East, and the Mets are on the annual decline.

    Whether you like that the Mets didn't deal Hairston or not, it's certainly a mixed response with the fanbase.