5 Reasons to Draft Sidney Rice in Your Fantasy Football League

Chris Trapasso@ChrisTrapassoAnalyst IAugust 3, 2012

5 Reasons to Draft Sidney Rice in Your Fantasy Football League

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    Sidney Rice's first season with the Seattle Seahawks was marred with injuries and general disappointment, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't consider him in your fantasy football league in 2012. 

    He has had his issues staying on the field, but when healthy, he's a formidable receiver who's a big target for the quarterback throwing the ball his way. 

    Rice won't make or break your 2012 fantasy season, but here are the five reasons why you should consider drafting him this year. 

You Won't Have to Use a High Pick on Him

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    Three years ago, Rice was a top-10 fantasy wideout after he erupted with an 83-catch, 1,312-yard, eight-touchdown 2009 season on the Brett Favre-led Vikings

    Now, he's a fantasy afterthought, but that doesn't mean he's useless. 

    NFL.com ranked him as the No. 39 receiver in fantasy this season, so he'll obviously be more of a late-round value pick than anything else. 

    After you've assembled your fantasy army, Rice, a player with immense upside, can be had in one of the last few rounds in most drafts. 

He Has Big-Play Ability

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    Though we haven't seen much of it over the last two years, Sidney Rice has big-play ability. At 6'4'' and a shade over 200 pounds, he wins most leaping battles against cornerbacks and safeties and tracks the ball well downfield. 

    With Rice, it's just a matter of him staying healthy and getting into a rhythm on the field with his quarterback. 

    At least with him we aren't wondering what he's capable of—he demonstrated what he can do in 2009 and a few times in 2011.  

Marshawn Lynch's Potential Suspension

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    We don't know what course of action the NFL will take, or if the charges will be dropped, but Marshawn Lynch was charged with suspicion of DUI in July. 

    If he is found guilty, it'll be his third run-in with the law since joining the NFL in 2007, and he'll certainly receive a lengthy suspension from commissioner Roger Goodell. 

    With Lynch potentially out of the lineup, the Seahawks will have to lean on their passing game much more than they ever did in 2011. 

    Even if he isn't suspended, look for Seattle to throw the ball more often in 2012. 

    Which leads to the next slide...

Matt Flynn and Russell Wilson

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    No offense to Tarvaris Jackson, who played admirably for the Seahawks in 2011, but the competition provided by Russell Wilson and Matt Flynn will likely result in a much more efficient and dangerous starting quarterback in Seattle this season. 

    Flynn, in a fantastic Packers system, was outstanding his lone starter last year and Wilson's got everything you'd want in an NFL starting quarterback besides height. 

    Pete Carroll won't neglect the running game, but he knows his club has to be more aerially potent this season and he now has the signal-callers to make the improvement. 

He'd Be a Great Trade Throw-in

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    As is the case with a lot of late-round picks, Rice could potentially be a fine trade throw-in late in the season. Though you may not be starting him in November or December, there will almost assuredly be an owner in your league desperate to make a trade at a critical point of his season. 

    Even if Rice doesn't live up to expectations, he'd be a nice secondary player to add to that vital trade.

    Heck, if he stays healthy, you might be getting offers solely for Rice and can cash in on a player you truly covet for a guy you picked in the last few rounds of the draft.