5 Reasons to Draft Santonio Holmes in Your Fantasy Football League

Gary Davenport@@IDPSharksNFL AnalystAugust 3, 2012

5 Reasons to Draft Santonio Holmes in Your Fantasy Football League

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    The 2011 season was a very disappointing one for both the New York Jets and wide receiver Santonio Holmes, as the team lurched its way through a dysfunctional 8-8 campaign and Holmes struggled through the worst year of his six-year career.

    That miserable season has made Holmes something of a persona non grata in fantasy football circles in 2012, but here are a handful of reasons to consider giving the MVP of Super Bowl XLIII one more shot this season.

1. It's Not Like Things Are Going to Get Any Worse

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    If you want to see the statistical equivalent of rock-bottom for Santonio Holmes you need look no farther than last year, as Holmes' 51 catches and 654 yards were both career lows.

    With that said, even as bad as last season was for Holmes and the Jets he still hauled in eight touchdown passes, which were enough to salvage fantasy WR3 production for the 28-year-old.

    Holmes, who according to ESPN recently said he needs to "hold my tongue and be more critical of myself instead of others" also has a pair of top-25 fantasy finishes on his professional resume, so it's not entirely unreasonable to expect a rebound of sorts from Holmes in 2012.

2. Who Else Is Mark Sanchez Going to Throw It To?

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    Somewhat lost in the morass that was the 2011 New York Jets is the fact that quarterback Mark Sanchez actually had the best statistical season of his three-year career, setting personal bests in passing yardage and passer rating.

    Granted, The Jets have stated their intention to return to a "ground and pound" philosophy, but regardless of whether they follow through on that proclamation the fact remains that the Jets are going to have to take to the air eventually.

    When they do Holmes is by far their top receiving threat, as wide receiver Chaz Schilens is a journeyman at best and rookie speedster Stephen Hill has yet to do anything in the NFL to this point.

    In fact, both the Jets and Holmes might actually benefit if one of those players were to step up in 2012, as the passing game suffered mightily in 2011 due to the lack of a viable number two receiver.

3. Even Tim Tebow Occasionally Completes a Pass

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    OK, let's assume that at some point Tim Tebow usurps Mark Sanchez as the starting quarterback for the New York Jets.

    Tebow's completion percentage of less than 50 percent may inspire more cringes than cheers so far as his ability to throw the ball is concerned, but there could be a silver lining of sorts for Santonio Holmes should Tebow take the reins.

    As erratic as Tebow can be throwing the ball he also has a tendency to develop "tunnel vision" and lock onto a single target in the passing game.

    Last year the fantasy beneficiary of that tunnel vision was DeMaryius Thomas, and this season it could be Santonio Holmes.

4. Santonio Holmes' Asking Price Is Cheap

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    Whether it's last year's disappointing statistical production or this year's uncertainty under center, many fantasy owners are steering clear of Santonio Holmes this season, and that's reflected in his current average draft position.

    According to MyFantasyLeague.com Holmes is presently the 38th wide receiver being taken in fantasy drafts this season, and it's not very often that you can get the unquestioned number one receiver on an NFL team in the 10th round.

5. What Do You Really Have to Lose?

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    Given Holmes' relatively low average draft position and his solid chances of posting fantasy WR3 numbers this season he represents a fairly low-risk fantasy investment, as 10th-round picks that don't pan out don't generally sink fantasy football teams.

    It's not a flashy pick or win that will necessarily pave the way to a championship, but if you're a fantasy owner in a league that requires three starters at wide receiver or one that prefers to wait on the position then you could do a lot worse than Santonio Holmes.