Lions Sign Riley Reiff: Is It Time to Release Aaron Berry?

J.P. Scott@TheJPScottSenior Analyst IJuly 23, 2012

The Detroit Lions signed first-round draft pick Riley Reiff to a four-year deal this morning, meaning he'll be in training camp for the entire preseason (Detroit Free Press).

This is great news for everyone from fans to the Lions' administration, as it takes the spotlight off an offseason marred by arrests.

In addition to getting a first-round pick in camp, the Reiff signing signals what could, and in my opinion should, be the start of a culture change in the Motor City.

Outside of a silly underage drinking incident as a teenager, Reiff is a high-quality individual whom head coach Jim Schwartz can build a new culture around (Find Law).

It's one thing to have an attitude and reputation on the field. It's quite another for a team to have a bad reputation off the field and in the community.

Eventually, you risk alienating a large chunk of your fanbase.

Perhaps in the wake of the Reiff signing, now would be a good time for the Lions to put their foot down and establish an environment where they fill the locker room with good people in addition to good players. 

Perhaps it is time to start releasing repeat offenders like Aaron Berry.

Maybe once the players start to see the teams taking action before Roger Goodell drops his iron fist, NFL players will start thinking twice about making poor decisions off the field.