Why "Macho" Harris Will Go 1st Round

David PhillipsAnalyst IFebruary 19, 2009


At 6' and 197 lbs. Victor "Macho" Harris will be a first round pick to one of the following teams Baltimore Ravens, Miami Dolphins, or the Atlanta Falcons.

Virginia Tech had a loaded defense in 2006 and 2007, but that did not stop Harris from becoming a starter at the corner position. In his junior campaign Harris tallied five interceptions and broke up 11 passes.

For his efforts, he was named to the All ACC first-team. The 2008 season has started well for Harris and he is even getting involved in the offense from time to time. And the Hokies use his speed and athleticism to open up the opposing defense.

But Harris' speed and athleticism can be used more than just at cornerback or wide receiver; the 6' 194 lbs. Highland Springs, Virginia native is also a solid return man. He is more known for his punt returning, but in 2007 he returned a kick-off 100 yards for a touchdown.

Harris certainly has the athleticism to play corner in the NFL, but he is also tough and plays very physical. There are a few things in his mechanics that need a little help, but he will learn those early in his career.

Harris should be a first round cornerback in the 2009 NFL Draft. At worst (at least right now), he is a second round pick. He can still play himself up or down of course, but there are not too many corners who have as much potential as Harris.

Think Nnamdi Asomugha, but a bit smaller. He shouldn't fall past the early second round, if he does someone definitely screwed up in their scouting. He could easily make the same impact in the pros as a rookie that his fellow Hokie Brandon Flowers has for the Cheifs. (who should have been a first round pick).

Harris comes from Bud Fosters defensive team that has produced an impressive streak of 14 straight seasons with at least on All-American from his defense.

Harris originally declared for the NFL Draft in 2008 before Coach Frank Beamer changed his mind. Harriscame back to the Hokies and lead them to the ACC Championship and improved himself physically.

Tech's track record with cornerbacks is great producing: Flowers, Jimmy Williams, Anthony Midgit, Ronyell Whitaker, and DeAngelo Hall in past years.

The Hokie's lose will definitely be an NFL teams' gain. My projected pick for Harris will be 1st round 25th overall to the Dolphins.

Draft will begin on April 25th when the Lions start things off.