TLC to Feature Pete Rose and Fiancee Kiana Kim in New Reality TV Series

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterJuly 18, 2012

Photo Credit: Glimmer News
Photo Credit: Glimmer News

TLC is working hard on producing a Pete Rose reality-TV series nobody asked for. 

Entertainment Weekly's Dan Snierson reports the former MLB superstar, who was banned from baseball for gambling on games, is close to getting a series featuring himself and his wife, Kiana Kim. 

The show is tentatively entitled Pete Rose and Kiana Kim Family Project, and it will center around Rose and his daily life with his younger wife and her family who have a bit of a problem with the relationship. 

I smell the usual reality-TV conflict. 

Rose tells EW

She’s got younger kids and I’ve got [four adult] kids, and we go through the same things everybody else does: taking the braces off, making sure they get their education and they go to basketball practice or acting class. It’s not going to be classless — like it seems like a lot of reality shows aren’t really reality, but our reality show is going to be funny, entertaining, and real.

When this oft-promised statement actually happens in a reality-TV show, it will be the first time. These are series dominated by producers hoping to get the most of conflict. 

Trust me, things will be massaged to the point of inane situations. 

Kim explains a little deeper as to what this show ill provide. 

We’re not a traditional family. We are a total modern-day family, mixing the cultures, the ages, the different backgrounds together. I didn’t even know who Pete Rose was when I first met him. It’s kind of a crazy story, but at the core of every family is love and it’s what TLC wants to show.

I am not about to sit here and doubt their shared love or that their story together has a great deal of interesting plot twists that could feature on screen. 

ESPN's 30 for 30 filmed Rose in his current state as he sign autographs for fans in Las Vegas. It was compelling, and at some points, depressing. 

We were drawn into the life of a player who was one of the best to ever play the game, but he is reduced to the fringes of the sport, as the story is told in documentary form. 

Now we get a reality-TV series that will push the best parts of the story to the fringes. 

Cynical? Well, that is the conclusion I have come to after watching numerous reality-TV series. The Pete Rose story comes to the small screen as TLC is hoping to air five episodes some time this year. 

It will be at about that time that the Rose story reaches new insane levels. 

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