Tomlin's Drafting Still Out For Judgement

Roger Ray GroggContributor IFebruary 16, 2009


Die Hard with a quickie on Tomlin's drafting choices thus far. 

In his first year he hit a home run. I was impressed and found myself accepting the New Hire. That is not an easy emotion considering Steeler coaching history and his prior resume. I began building this love affair when coach Tomlin decided on tapping Lamar Woodley and Lawrence Timmons on draft day; of course, not in that order. He followed those up with the shocker: Daniel Sepulveda. While the punter drafting threw me off, I immediately researched and found this... 

Needless to say I held judgement and was rewarded for not jumping on Tomlin for 'wasting' a draft choice. We all know Woodley's impact, and Timmons has come into his own. I'll admit to the world, I love Sepulveda (in a non-gay way). I actually have his jersey in my closet.

Now, I think the next year's draft was a complete bust thus far.

Limas Sweed and Rashard Mendenhall. Rashard Mendenhall, (Illinois) is a bust. As a die hard Steeler fan, I kept a keen eye on him all offseason, preseason, and into week 4, where he injured his shoulder and disappeared (after opening his big, dumb, rookie mouth). During his playing time he looked timid, confused, weak, and worst of all, slow with no vision or natural ability to find the open space.

Limas has hands of stone and the inate inability to get himself open. Let's face it, Ben holds the ball longer than anyone except maybe the ball boy. Limas cannot get separation against slower safety's and 2nd string corners with all that available time. Obvious bust number two. 

The jury is still out on Tomlin's scouting/drafting ability. This year's draft should show his long-term potential within the organization.

Let's face it: He won with someone else's team. Just now we're getting to a point where his fingerprint and personnel decisions will determine his future.

Draft away and impress me like I matter.