Worry Free in Queens: Seven Reasons the New York Mets Regain the Title This Year

FRANKCorrespondent IIFebruary 16, 2009

Despite blowing first place the last two years in monumental fashion, this Met fan will not worry come September. The main reason is that the better team was home in October. That is the reason why Omar Minaya and Mets management have made the necessary steps to avoid the same outcome for a third straight year.

Reasons why the Mets will dominate from start to FINISH

1. Phillies Bullpen

Surprisingly a strength last year. Who would have expected Brad Lidge (41 for 41, 1.95) to be perfect? Not me, and he will not come close to perfection this year. Brad, get ready to feel the wrath of the Philly fans. Let's not forget that JC Romero (ERA 2.75) is suspended due to performance-enhancing drugs.

2. Jamie Moyer and Joe Blanton

These two pitchers will not repeat their success this year. Moyer is one year older and needs to be perfect to win. Their ERAs should be north of 5.00 this year.

3. Health

The Phillies will start the season without their star second baseman. He is expected to be out anywhere from the end of April to the end of May.

4. Mets Bullpen

This area will go from being a major weakness to being the strength of the team; thank you K-Rod and J.J. Putz.

5. Rotation

Still one of the deepest rotations in baseball, and added depth has been acquired in Freddy Garcia and Tim Redding

6. Bench

The bench was drained due to injuries to Moises Alou, Ryan Church, and Luis Castillo. This year the bench should be as strong if not stronger than 2006 with the emergence of Daniel Murphy and Nick Evans, to go along with veterans Jeremy Reed, Fernando Tatis, and Alex Cora.

7. Ballpark

The opening of Citi Field will allow the veterans of the club to forget the bad moments that have occurred at Shea since '06.

The cliche They did not beat you, you beat yourself was not more apparent than last year. Barring any major injuries, my opinion is that the Mets will win the division by no less than six games and Citi Field will be rocking this October.