Michael Strahan Video: Watch Giants Legend Strip Tease on Live! with Kelly

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Michael Strahan leaped from his guest-host chair and ripped his pants clear off his body, and the women in the audience went nuts. 

That's pretty much the play-by-play of what went down on Thursday morning on Live! with Kelly. Allow me to give some context to a magical moment that featured a grown man losing it. 

Channing Tatum stopped by the show to pimp his new movie Magic Mike—let me say that I have no clue what this is. 

I am instead traipsing into the weekend with a past president killing vampires and a teddy bear delivering raunchy jokes on my movie radar. 

But this is smack dab in the middle of my radar now.

Magic Mike is a movie coming out this weekend that features Tatum and oft-bare-chested Matthew McConaughey. It's about one stripper taking a younger one under his wing. 

I know—not my cup of tea, either—but this is the impetus behind Strahan ripping off his pants as if they were doused in flames and melting the crowd with his buff moves. 

I need to say something here. 

There is an evil sweeping the nation at the moment, and it's people going to see the new Madea movie.

Right under that is women flim-flamming their men to see Magic Mike this weekend.

Having said that, things could be worse. 

The movie has an 82-percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes, it's directed by Steven Soderbergh and it features Olivia Munn. 

I may not be as exuberant as our friend Strahan here, but I will place this movie in the realm of entertainment possibilities. I blame Munn for that. 

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