Seattle Seahawks: Bruce Irvin off to Bad Start, Mistakes Seahawks for Redskins

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterJune 25, 2012

Photo Credit: SportsGrid
Photo Credit: SportsGrid

That didn't take too long. 

Bruce Irvin is making quite the name for himself in Seattle Seahawks lore, and none of it is for the right reasons.

He recently recounted the tale of being drafted by the Washington Redskins, although he was selected by the Seahawks. There is, however, the possibility this is an Irvin from an alternate universe. 

The first-round selection may turn out to be a stroke of genius by the team, but I hope not. The alternative is far more hilarious. 

A special shout out to SportsGrid, or we very well may have glossed over the best brain fart of the day in the form of defensive end Bruce Irvin not knowing which team drafted him. 

The funny thing is that every last NFL fan knows who drafted him, because it was the first WTF moment of the draft. 

The Seahawks sat perfectly at the No. 15 spot and took a player slotted well lower on most experts' boards. You would think at least Irvin might remember that. 

Here is the video of Irvin recounting the story of how he was drafted and the amazing emotions he went through as he joined the storied Washington Redskins.

The video comes from the 'Real Rob Report," and you will want to skip to the 3:20 minute mark for Irvin's part.  

There would have been a NSFW warning if not for the saving graces of the beep that covers up the, "I'm (expletive) up." 

That would be his explanation for his egregious error. 

I love how Irvin lights up when he says he would of course love to join the Redskins. It's almost like someone saying, "damn right I want to go to Ruth's Chris...I mean Sizzler, I want to go to Sizzler."

Oh, Bruce Irvin. Please say this is the beginning of a beautiful and hilarious relationship. 

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