Washington Redskins Reality Check:

ROB YOUNG SR@HomeTeamZoContributor IFebruary 12, 2009

I would like to put things into some kind of perspective about this past season.

Since I am a lifelong Redskins fan, there may be those who think this is a homer's point of view. But if you read all the way through, it should be quite clear where I'm coming from.

What has happened around here? Why are people feeling betrayed? I mean, come on, this team overachieved when it wasn't supposed to. They have a rookie coach, aging players, another new offense, lack of depth, etc. None of this is new to anybody around here, but already it sounds as though things are worse around here than in Dallas.

Maybe this is why there is never any real change in Washington (the team, not the government, although there is never any real change there either, but that's beside the point). People can't stand the growing pains that they will suffer along the way. Nobody gave this team a chance to be where it is right now.

Now, some fans judge them on saying things like the coaches saying they can win with what they have. Like they're going to run to the media and bash the players for their lack of talent.

Or these same players that folks have been critical of for seasons were all of a sudden in the top tier of the NFL. Come on, people, the team the Redskins fielded last year will be similar to the team in 2009, except than Springs, Washington and Daniels will be healthy.

With very little depth, if any, this team has run into a number of issues to work out. The league has caught up to coach Jim Zorn's schemes, and he does not have the horses other than RB Clinton Portis to shift gears. Portis, who was the one constant on offense,  wore down from overuse in 2008.

Our age-30+ O-line has hit the wall (injuries & age). Are these the things that you put on the shoulders of a rookie coach whose team was in place when he arrived? There is evidence that teams can turn around quickly (Atlanta, Miami), but you have to have the people to put that talent on the field.

What we are witnessing is the beginning of something , and that takes more than one year to build. Instead of fans ripping on the team and coach, they should get behind their team and support them during this building process. 

Fans need to hope that Springs, Janson, Kendall, Washington, Daniels, hoping to ride out their careers on owner Dan Snyder's dime are moved. They know that EVP of Football Operations Vinny Cerratto is not the guy to carry this team into the future.

We here in Washington are victims of our own past. Those of us who experienced the bleachers rocking in RFK cannot fathom what is going on here. We have what amounts to a rookie owner who can't seem to figure out corporate knowledge and does almost nothing to help this team win in the NFL.

We have the coach, we have good players. We just neeD an experienced GM to go along with Snyder's business sense and enthusiasm. Then, things will change for the better.