2008 NFL Fantasy All-Pro Team

The SportmeistersAnalyst IFebruary 11, 2009

by Derek (Mr. Fantasy) of The Sportmeisters


Now that the NFL season is over, I thought I would make an All-Pro team of my own and, seeing how my expertise is in fantasy sports, why not make it an All-Pro fantasy team. So, I'm going to select an All-Pro team based on a standard fantasy lineup, 1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, 1 K, and 1 D/ST. So, let's get started.





QB – Philip Rivers – San Diego Chargers – 4009 Yards Passing 34 TD 11 INT 84 Yards Rushing 2 2-Point Conversions 2 FUM



Drew Brees may have had more yards and less fumbles, but he threw six more interceptions and him and Rivers threw the exact same amount of touchdowns. Rivers was heavily leaned on this year by San Diego and fantasy owners were rewarded. He had seven games with 20 or more fantasy points and only had two games where he was held under 10.


All seven of those 20+ point games were games in which he threw for three or more touchdowns and in only two of those seven games he threw for less than 250 yards. Philip Rivers is my All-Pro Fantasy QB.




RB – DeAngelo Williams – Carolina Panthers – 1518 Yards Rushing 18 TD 22 Receptions 121 Yards 2 TD 1 2-Point Conversion


This was the big surprise of the year. Williams wasn't even expected to be the starting RB for Carolina and here he is the number one fantasy RB of 2008. He started off slow, only running for more than 60 yards once and scoring no touchdowns, equaling only 19 points in four games.


After that, however, he exploded. He started with the 123 yard, three-TD performance vs. Kansas City, following it up with a 66 yard, 1 TD game vs. New Orleans. After that he scored in every game, except week 17, and even then he had 178 yards, which was good for 17 points.


He had six games with 20 or more points, and four of those games he finished with 30+. He rushed for 100+ yards eight times and had five games with two or more touchdowns. There's no doubt about it, DeAngelo Williams deserves to be an All-Pro Fantasy RB.


RB – Michael Turner – Atlanta Falcons – 1699 Yards Rushing 17 TD 6 Receptions 41 Yards 2 FUM



Turner was ready to breakout after being a backup for 4 years in San Diego before signing with Atlanta in the Off-Season. Everyone expected him to be the starter, but nobody expected him to have the type of season that he had.


He ran for 1699 yards and 17 touchdowns and had the second most fantasy points for a RB, which will easily vault his draft status for next year into the first round. He had 10 games with at least 1 TD and had 8 games with 100+ yards.


He also had four games with 2+ Touchdowns and two games with 200+ Yards. He only had four games with less than six points. It will be tough to duplicate this type of season, but you better be sure Turner will try.



WR – Larry Fitzgerald – Arizona Cardinals – 96 Receptions 1431 Yards 12 TD


Fitzgerald had a monster year, both in real NFL and in fantasy NFL. He was the number one fantasy WR in standard leagues and never scored less than five points all year. He had only four games with less than 10 points and seven games with at least 15 points.


If you played in a PPR (Points Per Reception) league, he was even more valuable. He had 14 games with at least five receptions. Fitzgerald and should be one of the first WR's drafted next year.


WR – Andre Johnson – Houston Texans – 115 Receptions 1575 Yards 8 TD 1 2-Point Conversion 1 FUM


He finally stayed healthy enough to warrant his fantasy draft status. If you were in a PPR league, you loved having this guy as he had seven games with at least 10 receptions. Plus, he had eight games of 100+ yards. He only had five games of less than seven points and 11 games with at least 10 points, and three of those games were 20+. After a season like this, I wouldn't be surprised if Johnson went very early in next year's drafts.



WR – Calvin Johnson – Detroit Lions – 78 Receptions 1331 Yards 12 TD 1 2-Point Conversion 2 FUM


Johnson had his coming out party this year and looks to be a force in the NFL for years to come, even in Detroit. Racking up 78 Receptions and 12 Touchdowns with no real QB shows his extraordinary ability. He had only five games with less than 10 points and nine games with at least 12 points.


In a PPR league, he had seven games with 5+ Receptions and 10 games with at least 1 TD. One can only imagine what he can do with a real QB at the helm. Next year, I expect him to go a lot earlier in drafts than this year's average of the fifth or sixth round.



TE – Tony Gonzalez – Kansas City Chiefs – 96 Receptions 1058 Yards 10 TD


He has been Kansas City's No. 1 guy for years and looks like the hiring of Todd Haley may keep him there for at least another year. If Kansas City can find themselves a QB, Gonzalez may keep his receiving totals at the same amount.


In the fantasy world, he had nine games with at least one TD and three games of 100+ Yards. In a PPR league, he was a beast, having 13 games of 5+ receptions, and two of those games were 10 reception games.


Gonzalez wasn't drafted until the sixth or seventh round, but next year I expect him to move up to the fifth and maybe even the fourth, depending on the QB situation.



K – Stephen Gostkowski – New England Patriots – 36/40 FG 40 XP


A kicker is a kicker and I am only putting this in because they are a fantasy position. Gostkowski led most fantasy leagues in points, so he gets the nod. He only had 1 50+ Yard FG, but he kicked more Field Goals than any other kicker.



D/ST – Baltimore Ravens – 34 Sacks 26 INT 8 FUM REC 3 Safeties 6 TD


As usual, Baltimore had a monstrous D this season. They led the league in interceptions and had 6 defensive touchdowns. The sack total was down, but still impressive at 34. We will have to see what they do with their free agent Linebackers Ray Lewis, Terrell Suggs, and Bart Scott and how they handle the loss of DC Rex Ryan.


The only knock on Baltimore this season was that they really didn't have a return game. However, they do have a dynamic return man in WR Yamon Figurs who should keep the Ravens D atop the fantasy charts in 2009.