So...What about the Other Guys?

Ron CoomerContributor IFebruary 11, 2009

"Back then it was real...loosey-goosey."

Words from Alex Rodriguez in his revealing interview with ESPN's Peter Gammons. But how "loosey-goosey" was it in 2003?

Immediately, the public outcry is for baseball to reveal the other 103 names that were registered "anonymously" as steroid users.

So why not speculate shall we? The following is part one of a two-part documentation of possible steroid users. In this article, we'll look at hitters who would have most benefited with steroid use who largely haven't been identified, if indeed they were using.

1.  Sammy Sosa

Slammin Sammy has slid under the radar, even though he was brought before congress. His performance with the Rangers was hardly enough to worth mentioning, but when he went to the Cubs he averaged 47 home runs for 12 years. He hit 32 in two seasons after he left Chicago.

2.  Luis Gonzalez

Lugo highlighted his career with a World Series win with Arizona, but his career power numbers leave you scratching your head. He averaged 33.6 home runs a year between 96'-03', with a career high of 57, but only averaged 13 homers in 10 other seasons.

3.  Steve Finley

One of the few guys to go 300-300, Finley hit a ridiculous 240 home runs between 96'-02', but hit 64 in his 10 other seasons.

4.  Shawn Green

Green was a premier power hitter for the Mets, Dodgers, and even Blue Jays, and his New York connections aren't the only thing to raise an eyebrow. He averaged 38.4 homers from 98'-02', but averaged 17 in his other eight seasons.

5.  Brian Giles

Giles was an awesome power hitter with the Pirates, averaging 37 home runs a year from 99'-02', but averaged 15 in his nine other seasons. Whether or not that's a San Diego thing or not remains to be seen, although it doesn't seem to bother Adrian Gonzalez...

6.  Todd Helton

Helton was guaranteed to hit 30-45 home runs (with a career high of 49 in 01') between '99-'04, but he hasn't hit over 20 since '05. Age may be creeping up to Helton, but he hits in an extreme hitters park

7.  Richard Hidalgo

Hidalgo hit a ridiculous 44 home runs in 2000, but averaged only 15 in eight other seasons.

8.  Tony Bautista

Bautista averaged 31 home runs between '99-'04 but averaged 3.4 in five other seasons.

9.  Mark Bellhorn

Bellhorn hit 27 homers under the radar in 2002, but averaged 8.75 in four other seasons.

10. Jeff Kent

Who knows? He's a hall of famer in my book, but his Bay-Area connections raise doubt, and in this day and age, everyone is in question.