Matthew Stafford: If Available, Do Chiefs Take Him?

Jordan LanningCorrespondent IOctober 22, 2016

With the draft upcoming and the Chiefs with the third overall pick, there is always discussion on who the Chiefs should select.

The Chiefs have many needs. Some of them are linebacker, defensive end, offensive line, wide receiver, and quarterback just to name a few.

Everybody expects Aaron Curry—the top linebacker in the draft—to be available for the Chiefs. So, as of right now he would be the front runner for who the Chiefs would draft.

But, as more mock drafts come out there are lots of people that have the Detroit Lions taking a lineman. With that being said, the St. Louis Rams are also picked to get a lineman.

If all of that is to happen, that would mean the top quarterback—Matthew Stafford—would be available.

Tyler Thigpen had a good second season for the Chiefs last year, but will he do it again? As of now I think that is a big question.

Thigpen was able to succeed in a college offense, but I strongly doubt his success will last much longer. Defenses will come up with schemes to stop that offense and I don't think it will take long for that to happen.

The Chiefs at this point need a guy that can come in and run a pro-style offense—Thigpen is unable to do that.

So that brings me back to my original question—if Matthew Stafford is available, should the Chiefs get him?


Stafford could become a great NFL quarterback, but that's the same thing we said with David Carr, Alex Smith, and Joey Harrington just to name a few.

There is just something with Stafford that makes me think he could be great. He would be very able to come in and run the pro-style offense.

But is Stafford's potential enough to pass up on Aaron Curry?

Curry is ranked as the number two player according to, behind Micheal Crabtree. Stafford is ranked as the number seven player.

Another player the Chiefs could be looking at is wide receiver Micheal Crabtree. The Chiefs need a number two wide receiver, but do we need to spend that much money for one?

Crabtree has drawn comparisons to Larry Fitzgerald, and the Chiefs could use a Fitzgerald.

But, with greater needs at other positions it is doubtful the Chiefs will select Crabtree.

Another possibility is to trade down, and if Stafford is available the San Francisco 49ers could be tempted to trade up to get him.

Scott Pioli would be very open to trading down and accumulating more picks. With the tenth overall pick the Chiefs would receive from the 49ers, they could draft the number two linebacker, Rey Maualuga.

Maualuga could fit as the inside linebacker for the Chiefs 3-4 defense they are excepted to use.

Maualuga would be an instant fan favorite, and would fit in nicely alongside Derrick Johnson.

The Chiefs have numerous choices to make come draft day and with Scott Pioli in as general manager, there should be some good choices made.