Fantasy Baseball 2012: Top 10 Best Fantasy Baseball Names

Stephen Brown@@the__ste (Double Underscore)Correspondent IIJune 8, 2012

Fantasy Baseball 2012: Top 10 Best Fantasy Baseball Names

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    There are a lot of people who spend way too much time coming up with a clever fantasy baseball name. 

    There are the usual suspects who garner much support in the fantasy-baseball-name universe, like Buster Posey, Tim Lincecum and Coco Crisp.

    This piece is designed to showcase 10 of the names I felt were impressive in 2012.


    Note: No R-rated names will be posted to maintain our level of all-ages fun.

Can't Stand the Heat, Get out of the McCutchen

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    This one is pretty clever, as it is tough to come up with such a long name that works so well.

    Granted, it is not mind-blowing in any way—but for a Pirates fan, this is probably all you got going!

A Priest Walks into Aybar

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    This one is impressive, as it splits Erick's last name into two words. A commonly known joke, this one works for more than a Halos fan.

    With Aybar expected to produce loads of runs and steals for the Angels, this was a good preseason choice.


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    This name might have been around for awhile, but I recently found it and I love it.

    To compare Robinson to the popular Beverly Hills show is pretty impressive if you ask this guy.

    Once again, compounding a last name to work with numbers is hard to do, so kudos.

Dan Girl You Uggla

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    Another oldie but goodie. To use both a first and last name is not something that many people can do. 

    Not much else to say here other than this one will never get old, even though it is quite popular.

Shin Soo Been Gone

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    In case some of you sporty types don't listen to Kelly Clarkson or don't have a girlfriend who listens to Kelly Clarkson or live under a soundproof rock, this is based off of her song "Since U Been Gone."

    I like the fact that someone used two parts of Choo's name to create this.

    Lastly, based on most fantasy leagues I have been in, I do hope this was created by a girl so that the man can avoid ridicule after naming his team after the Season 1 American Idol winner.

It Byrnes When I Peavy

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    To combine two athletes' names into one fantasy name is a solid feat in itself.

    Eric Byrnes retired, but that is okay because Jake Peavy is making quite the case that he belongs in the upper echelon again.

    It looks like Peavy might be feeling the same sensation in this picture that the team name does.

Tough Hughes to Phil

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    This name works on so many levels.

    Take away the fact that the first and last name are both used, and actually think about what is said.

    Hughes does have big shoes to fill in that rotation and much is expected of him.

    The fact that it makes perfect sense and both names were used lands this name on our list.

To Killa Marlon Byrd

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    This one has been around awhile as well, but it is still a solid name, especially with Byrd now playing at Fenway.

    To use the name of a book in your fantasy baseball name takes guts, especially a classic like this that came out over 50 years ago.

Youkilis Your Mother with That Mouth?

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    This picture says it all.

    A perfect name for a fantasy baseball team name, as it throws some smack towards your fellow GMs.

    I have never seen this one before but I am sure it is old as well, as Youkilis has been around awhile.

    Nonetheless it deserves a spot on this list.

Olivo Oil

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    This one gets the last spot because it makes no sense.

    Well, the name itself makes sense, but why anyone would want to associate their fantasy baseball team with a chubby defensive part-time catcher who has a career OBP of .277, is beyond me.

    But I guess that is the beauty of fantasy baseball.


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