A-Rod and His Problems Are Not Limited to Just His Reputation Alone

Wendy AdairAnalyst IFebruary 8, 2009

The recent publicity of Alex Rodriguez and his 2003 steroid findings have had New York and the baseball community buzzing about what happened and what will be done going forward.

A-Rod  has a vivid history of doing (steroids, marital affairs, leaving the All Star game  before its over) and saying (denying allegations, changing his mind from everything from WBC loyalty to which team he will sign with the following season) things that show he is a person that cannot be trusted and his numbers, while admirable, are tainted and subject to questioning as to their authenticity.

He is considered the premiere third baseman in New York, and being a Yankee and the well earned tradition and respect that goes along with that, has its repercussions from this type of scandal.  This has to be a tremendous embarrassment to the team and organization even though he was not a Yankee during this time frame.

As the junior member of New York third basemen, this has to be very disturbing to David Wright because he is often compared to A-Rod.  He has proven himself to have a squeaky clean image and knows that he has to be twice as clean as the next guy.  Just last year, one of his best friends in baseball and beyond, Paul LoDuca, was named in the Mitchell Report as a steroid buyer/user.

As a slugger, Wright will to a certain extent, be doubted that his home runs might have come artificially, unfair or not, it is a fact that all players are suspected to having illegal help to get them through the grind of the season.  He is a player who goes about his business quietly, plays through injury and exhaustion to the point of everyone wondering and worrying about how he is still functioning at a Major League level.

The A-Rod story this weekend is very disappointing to everyone, but especially to the kids who idolize him and are working hard because they know that ultimately, it is hard work and determination that will propel them in any career.