Brandon Jacobs: 6-Year-Old Fan Sends Former Giants RB $3.36 in Mail

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Brandon Jacobs: 6-Year-Old Fan Sends Former Giants RB $3.36 in Mail
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Brandon Jacobs may be suiting up for another team, but there is one New York Giants fan who just can't let go. This also happens to be the cutest story of the day. 

Deadspin's Barry Petchesky reports on a six-year-old who destroyed a piggy bank to bring back his hero. 

A little boy found out that his beloved running back was going to play for another team and wondered why. His mother explained that the team just didn't have enough money to keep him. 

That's when the boy, named Joe, sent his $3.36 to Brandon Jacobs in the hopes the treasure would bring him back to the Giants. 

Jacobs was released by the Giants earlier this year and has since signed with the San Francisco 49ers. Life could be a lot worse, as he leaves one great team for another. 

For a kid named Joe, the world is being torn asunder while his superhero is about to don a new jersey. We can all empathize with the feeling. 

Jacobs received the money and letter and decided to post evidence to Twitter:


Photo Credit: Brandon Jacobs Twitter

The moment wasn't lost on Jacobs, who was hit hard by the kind gesture. A look on his Twitter feed shows that he plans to do something really special. Here is the best of the bunch:


We all know what it means to be a sports fan. While it comes with great moments filled with exuberant celebration, there is also a great deal of pain that is involved. 

Teams lose and superstars leave. 

Poor little Joe could have moped, then forgotten about it all. Instead, he accomplished something epic and affected his hero like no one ever had. 

Pretty cool. 

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