NY Jet Bart Scott Slaves in the NFL Mines so His Son Won't Have to

Brian KinelCorrespondent IIIMay 30, 2012

NY Jet Bart Scott
NY Jet Bart ScottGregory Shamus/Getty Images

NY Jets linebacker Bart Scott is the latest to weigh in on the subject of kids playing football. Seven-year-old B.J. Scott’s dad says that B.J. won’t be allowed to play football. And forget about a career in the sweet science, as dad says no to boxing too.

Scott isn’t breaking ground with his comments. He’s adding to the chorus that’s getting louder since the suicide of Junior Seau.

Scott is being more adamant about his son not playing than the guy who seems to have started all of this, former quarterback Kurt Warner. Warner never said he wouldn’t let his boys play football. He said he would prefer that they didn't play football.  He even said the decision would ultimately be theirs.

The part of Scott’s statement that I find interesting is where he tells the NY Daily News, “I play football so he doesn’t have to.”

Doesn’t have to? That statement makes me think of a man in West Virginia slaving in the coal mines to make enough money to send his kids to college and the opportunity for a better life. One that doesn’t include the dangers of the one their father was forced into. Is that how Scott sees the NFL? Slaving in a coal mine?

Here’s what I’m thinking. I’m thinking that B.J. Scott already has every opportunity for an outstanding life. His daddy signed a contract in 2009 that has paid him $30.5 million with his 2012 salary of $5.6 million guaranteed.

Does Bart think that the lifestyle he currently enjoys is the required one for his son? If so, does he think the NFL is the only way to afford that lifestyle? Because that’s what it sounds like to me.

We all want the best for our kids and there’s nothing wrong with Scott wanting that for B.J. But B.J. should have a large role in the life that he ultimately leads. He should earn what he gets. and he should do what he loves. If what he loves doesn’t pay as well as the NFL does, then so be it. I’m sure he’ll be very happy and that’s what we as parents really want.

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