New York Yankees: The Prophecy...

micah knows more than you about baseballContributor IFebruary 5, 2009

This year, the Yankees did something old, something new, and yes,, something blue. 


Something Old

The new Yankee Stadium will begin a long, prosperous relationship with the soon-to-be Yankee greats such as Jeter, Posada, Rivera, and yes, A-Rod. But while the Bronx Bombers did retrieve such an abundance of talent, it is nothing new to see such cash be thrown around to achieve love and a trophy for and from the city its called home since the teams creation in the early 1900's.

And while they might not be spending a sum of around $10,000 to sign Babe Ruth, they did rundown some big names on the MLB roster. From the acquiring of Teixeira, Sabathia, and Burnett, to the role players such as Berroa, and Swisher.

The team is making sure to create great memories in the new park.


Something New

The new Yankee Stadium will be a blank page that will be filled with texts of great plays, and players. And while we have yet to see the likes of a DiMaggio, Ruth, or even Jacksons, we can clearly see the talents of Rodriguez, to Teixeira, and the Smart Ballers such as Jeter, Cano, Posada and Matsui.

Yes, the stands will be littered with home-run balls for seasons to come.

They enter this season as the biggest offensive power in the league, which is a regular statement for the franchise. But what will be new (or newish if you still have the taste of last seasons injuries and pitching woes in your mouth) for the Yank's will be the starting rotation for pitchers.

It is a virtual All-Star team on the mound. With Chamberlain filling the five spot, they cannot even find room for a talent like Phillip "Pocket Rocket" Hughes in the starting rotation. An overall ERA of under three would not be entirely unlikely for K-Club this season. 


Something Blue

A.J. Burnett could prove to be among the largest acquisitions in recent memory (yes, the same memory which witnessed Alex Rodriguez's departure from the Rangers). He is pitching from the two spot as Sabathia occupies one and Wang waits from the three. Burnett has held an ERA of 3.81 in his career.

But more important for the club is that he keep his health, as last year only two Yankee pitchers even threw twenty games. But the age factor will no be a problem for the Yanks this season, as Pettitte, is the only hurler over the age of 32.

And all for just $16.5 million a season, thanks Toronto.

Look out baseball, because this season you knew that Steinbrenner would do everything possible to bring that stadium a shiny new trophy. So I'd say it looks like this may end up being one long-term relationship.




My picks in 2009:

  1. Yankees
  2. Rays
  3. Angels
  4. Cubs
  5. Red Sox
  6. Phillies
  7. Brewers 
  8. Mets
  9. Dodgers
  10. Diamondbacks
  11. Twins
  12. Marlins
  13. Cardinals
  14. White Sox
  15. Blue Jays
  16. Rockies
  17. Tigers
  18. Athletics
  19. Padres
  20. Braves
  21. Astros
  22. Giants
  23. Rangers
  24. Royals
  25. Reds
  26. Pirates
  27. Orioles
  28. Indians
  29. Mariners
  30. Nationals

  • East- Yankees
  • Central- Chi Sox
  • West- Angels
  • Wild Card- Rays
That's right, the BoSox miss the playoffs. Get over it Boston, not like you're really that used to winning, right.
  • East- Phillies
  • Central- Cubs
  • West- Diamondbacks
  • Wild Card- Mets
As if the Dodgers will make the playoffs again, this year the slightly ore experienced D'Backs will make a bigger push, and while they will not make it over 85 wins, they will prove themselves...To themselves..

  • Yankees push past the Rays in five, being away from the Trop. proves to be too much for the young club.
  • Angels blow away Chicago in four, they might choke almost as much as the Cubs, but at some point talent has to win out.

  • Cubs fall to the Mets in five. Duh
  • Phillies surpass the D'Backs in three.

  • Yankees fight and prevail against the Halos in six, who couldn't get the bats to rattle against the starting pitchers.
  • Mets beat the Phillies in the NL East matchup. It goes to seven, but the last game will push the Phills just too far as a seven-game series puts far too much a strain on the SP's.

It is now a Inner-City Squabble as the Mets and Yanks meet up again just months after the inter-league play. 

  • Yankees in six. Mets fans cry, and the Cubs fans start to appreciate the fact that its just not happening. Hey, give it another hundred years.


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