This Is a Terrible Quarterback Draft Class? Yeah Right

Jordan LanningCorrespondent IFebruary 4, 2009

When I hear people say, "This is a terrible draft for quarterbacks," I laugh. There are three quarterbacks ranked in the Top 32, according to

Many have Matthew Stafford going to the Lions first overall. Stafford has great size and a cannon attached to his shoulder. I think he could be just as good if not better than Matt Ryan of the Atlanta Falcons.

Stafford might not lead the Lions to the playoffs, mainly because of how bad the Lions are, but he could definitely help the Lions greatly.

The second-ranked quarterback according to ESPN is USC quarterback Mark Sanchez.

While at USC with great talent everywhere around him, Sanchez put up stellar numbers as the first-year starting quarterback of the Trojans. Throwing 34 touchdown passes to only 10 interceptions is a pretty darn good season.

Statistically Sanchez has put up better numbers than Matt Stafford, but Sanchez is at times inconsistent and he had NFL players everywhere around him. Heck, who wouldn't be able to put up good numbers at USC?

The third-ranked quarterback according to ESPN is Josh Freeman from Kansas State.

Unlike the other guys on this list, Freeman has not had very good talent around him and the Wildcats have not won many games the past few years.

Freeman is huge. At 6'6" and 250 pounds, some people might confuse him with a lineman!

Freeman has put up okay stats for K-State as a three-year starter. Last season, Freeman threw 20 touchdown passes and eight interceptions. Unlike the other quarterbacks on this list Freeman can also run. He ran for 404 yards for 14 touchdowns.

Freeman may need a year to develop, but with his size, speed, and potential, Freeman could have a very bright future as an NFL quarterback.

So when you say that this year's draft is very weak for quarterbacks, think twice. Sure, there have been much better, but there has also been much worst. Most likely there will be at least three first-round quarterbacks in this year's draft.

Three quarterbacks would be the most taken in the first round since the 2006 draft which had Vince Young, Matt Leinart, and Jay Cutler.