Just Another "Sign Manny Ramirez" Turd: San Francisco Giants' Edition

Jack MeoffCorrespondent IFebruary 16, 2017

I want meaningful baseball in September.

I want runs.

I want bombs to return to China basin.

I want Barry Zito to apologize and void the rest of his contract.

Manny Ramirez can deliver those things.

(Except Zito of course. Seriously though, if you're a Giants' employee, and you're talking about the staff, stop throwing Zito in between Lincecum and Cain as if he's an asset. He's a borderline fifth starter, and if his name was Chad Zerbe he'd be playing for the Pawtucket Pirates. Prosecuting Zito would be my first order of business if I were running for DA. He is unquestionably the worst signing in the history of professional anything, and it's an insult to your fans when you pretend he's not.)

Manny wants four years for $25 million apiece. Give him $75 million for three years. If he doesn't take it, you tried. If he does, the Giants become the favorite in a weak division, and he's kept from the Dodgers.

Manny has milestones coming up. He's one of the greatest hitters of all time and his bat hasn't slowed. Think he won't fill the park? Think a winning team won't fill the park? He won't sell jerseys, $12 souvenir beer cups, and those horrible dreadlock hats for $35 a pop? Come on!

This is a team that just threw away $18 million on a player who's batting average dropped 50 points last year. A team that threw away $126 million on the worst pitcher in baseball. A team that hit less home runs last year than any year dating back to before WWII.

A team that features a park that free-agent hitters are scared of, and a team expecting a bevy of talent from the minors in the next two years, at least.

A team with nothing to lose.

Sign Manny.

Bridge the gap between right now and the future.

Sign Manny and maybe he gets you to the playoffs.

Let this team be fun to watch again.