Why Not Ty Wigginton??

Mets PoliceSenior Analyst IFebruary 4, 2009

Hey front-runner Mets fans (are there any?), who was the full-time third basemen before the future Captain David Wright took over?

Ty Wigginton.

Who was a fan favorite, played hard—ran over catchers and was the exact kind of over-achieving 'kill his Mom' kind of player who everyone says the Mets have lacked the past few years?

Ty Wigginton.

Who last year hit .340 against lefties, slugged over .600 and was on base over 40 percent of the time? Twenty-three home runs in less than 400 at-bats, too.

Ty Wigginton.

Who has a glaring need for a right-handed bat who can play multiple positions??

The Mets.

And guess where Ty Wigginton signed yesterday?

The Orioles.

WHY????? I know he isn't Manny, but he certainly addresses more needs for the club than Alex Cora who they signed. Are you telling me that Ty Wigginton wanted to play for the O's more than make a return to the Mets?

They could have found 300-400 at bats for this guy all over the field this season.

Yes, it's Ty Wigginton. But ask any Met fan and between him and 'punch and judy' Alex Cora it's no contest.

Just run the numbers.

The Mets Police