Predicting the 2012 All-Fantasy Football Team

Daniel Stack@@stacdemonContributor IIMay 22, 2012

Predicting the 2012 All-Fantasy Football Team

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    I’ll admit, predicting who will be studs next year is very easy work.

    Most players atop draft board rankings are usually a solid bet to turn in sensational years. However, nothing ever goes as planned, and there are always breakouts and players who outplay their value on draft day.

    So, what I’m going to do here is predict the 2012 All-Fantasy football team (consisting of one QB, two running backs, two wide receivers, one tight end, one kicker and a team defense) based mostly on gut instincts and a few hunches.

    So, here is your non-scientific and not-so-out-of-the ordinary 2012 All-Fantasy Football Team.

QB: Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay Packers

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    Rodgers should be out for blood in 2012.

    After falling short of defending their Super Bowl championship, Rodgers and the Packers should be on a mission to get back to the Super Bowl.  Rodgers will still have all his trusty targets (Greg Jennings, Jordy Nelson, James Jones and Jermichael Finley) and should accumulate a boatload of fantasy points next year. Watch out for Randall Cobb this year as well.

    Rodgers has proven he is durable, dependable and consistent. Not much should change in 2012.

RB: LeSean McCoy, Philadelphia Eagles

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    While Arian Foster is deserving of a top-five pick (and if we had a flex spot, Foster would be the selection), I’m still going to peg McCoy and Rice as safer bets—considering Foster’s injury troubles last season—to achieve fantasy greatness.

    McCoy will once again be the centerpiece of the Eagles’ offense, and he has all the tools to carry fantasy football teams next year.

RB: Ray Rice, Baltimore Ravens

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    Neck-and-neck with McCoy will be the Ravens' multi-purpose game-changer Rice.

    Rice is adept at rushing the ball as well as catching passes out of the backfield. By land or air, Rice will rack up both the yardage and scores in 2012.

WR: Calvin Johnson, Detroit Lions

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    With the offense in Detroit only primed to get better, “Megatron” should be a sure bet for continued dominance at the wide receiver position.

    Johnson’s speed, size, strength and athleticism are off the charts, and he is rivaled by no one at this position.

WR: Andre Johnson, Houston Texans

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    While some would argue that perhaps Larry Fitzgerald, Wes Welker and Roddy White should be ranked ahead of Johnson here since Johnson is also coming off an injury-plagued season (which kind of contradicts why I omitted Foster from the running back honors), but you can’t overlook Johnson.

    If there was anyone you should take a risk on, it would be Johnson.

    Just like Calvin Johnson, Andre Johnson has skills that separate himself from the rest of his peers.

    With that said, have confidence that Johnson will get back to his usually dominant ways.

TE: Aaron Hernandez, New England Patriots

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    A little shocked?

    Don’t be.

    With teams set to throw more double teams at Rob Gronkowski, there is every chance that his teammate, Hernandez, will exploit this for his own personal gain.

    Hernandez is not your traditional tight end, as he lines up in most formations as a receiver. But with tight end eligibility, don’t be surprised to see numbers of a No. 1 receiver from Hernandez.

K: Jason Hanson, Detroit Lions

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    As I mentioned previously, expect the Lions offense to be even better this year.

    With many points going up on the board, expect Hanson to be a major beneficiary. It also helps that he kicks indoors and has been doing this for decades.

TD/ST: New York Giants

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    Coming off their wild Super Bowl journey, expect the Giants' defense to come out roaring as the pass-rushing defense that spurned their run last year will be even more intimidating this year.

    With freak of nature Jason Pierre Paul only going to get better (boy, is that a scary thought) and Justin Tuck getting back to full health, the Giants will be a feared defensive unit.

    Add in a healthy secondary, plus the additions of Keith Rivers, Shaun Rodgers and third-round draft choice Jayron Hosley, and the Giants defense will be poised for fantasy glory.

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