4 Reasons Albert Pujols Will Continue to Disappoint Angels Fans

Kyle Ramos@Kyle_RamosCorrespondent IMay 14, 2012

4 Reasons Albert Pujols Will Continue to Disappoint Angels Fans

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    Things certainly haven't been going in the right direction this season for Albert Pujols and the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim.

    Currently in the basement and with no real sign of moving up anytime soon, the Angels have not been seeing much production from Pujols, who they broke the bank on this past winter.

    With only one homerun through 35 games, The Machine is looking like it needs some repair. But will Pujols ever shake out of this slump and return to his dominant ways?

    Here are four reasons why Pujols will continue to let down Angels fans.

4. Slow Start

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    Pujols' early struggles this year were well-documented, and he has done nothing to turn the attention away from him.  

    He has never finished a season with fewer than 32 home runs or a .299 batting average. That alone is a testament to just how spectacular Pujols has been during his 11 seasons in the Majors. However, he is currently hitting an awful .195 with just one homer and 11 RBIs.  

    What we have seen so far this season is not Albert Pujols. He may go down as one of the best hitters of all time, but even he hasn't been able to shake this slump.

    It's hard to dig yourself out of a hole no matter how good you are, but Pujols is in the deepest hole he's ever experienced and whether he can get out remains to be seen.  

3. Lack of Support

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    This lack of support could refer to the fans turning on him at home or his teammates lack of production. 

    Either way, Pujols hasn't had a lot of help to shake off of this slow start.

    The hitters who hit around him in the lineup are hitting at a decent rate, but simply aren't getting on base nearly enough. If opposing pitchers can face Pujols with the bags empty, they're more likely to go after him and attack the strike zone.

    This means Pujols may get more pitches to hit, but his lack of aggressiveness early in the count means it hasn't made a difference whether or not he was getting the pitches he wants.

2. Opposing Pitchers

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    Pujols agreed to enter a League with some really tough pitchers when he made the jump from the National League to the American League.

    Within his own division, he has to face guys like Felix Hernandez and Yu Darvish a few times a year. Also in the AL, you have the likes of Justin Verlander and CC Sabathia to worry about. 

    There's a lot on the plate for Pujols, who will be facing a lot of pitchers he's never encountered before. That will make this rut even harder to get out of.

1. Pressure

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    Now, while Anaheim isn't like New York or Philadelphia in terms of hard-to-please fans, I'm sure Angels fans had plenty of expectations for Pujols coming into this season given his reputation and shiny new 10-year, $254 million contract.

    Clearly the transition hasn't been going too well for both parties. Pujols' problems seem to be never ending, leaving some Angels fans questioning the team's investment.

    The pressure of meeting high expectations after coming off of a World Series victory and landing a large contract can take a heavy mental toll on any player, and it has definitely affected Pujols this season.

    He's never really had to deal with anything like this since receiving a big contract in St. Louis after winning the World Series five years into his career. Even then though, he had already found his comfort zone with the team and the fans.

    Now he's in a new place, and has to prove he was worth the money to his new fans.